Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey, Mr. Postman... Again!

Wow, more toys came in the mail today! 2012 is gonna be a great year  :D  Yes, more of the 10" ToyBiz Deluxe figures from the 90's. As I said in my last post, while I was not into action figures when these hit the shelves, there is something nostalgic about these big dumb toys. They're simple, colorful, and FUN!

These two Spider-Man figures in particular are hard to come by, the asking price often ranging from forty to eighty clams. Luckily, some dork is always selling low in January on eBay, likely in attempt to pay off some holiday debt. The Wall Hanging Spider-Man came in his 1994 ToyBiz window box with a KayBee price sticker on it, $11.99 marked down to $5.99! This "chase" or variant version I scored for ten bucks has reverse coloring on the red/black sections of his outfit- really cool! He has suction cups attached to his wrist, supposedly to attach to a window or mirror- can't wait to try that  :)

Equally difficult to find is the 10" ToyBiz Spider-Man 2099, which I won for $8.50 loose. The boxed ones I've seen on eBay just go for too much. Sure, the shipping was ten bucks each on these two, but that's still a rare deal on gems like these. I'm thrilled  :D  I love the cloth web cape/air foil attached to his neck with a plastic clip. I enjoyed reading the Spider-Man 2099 trade paperback this summer, which left me wanting more stories of the future webslinger!

So if you're guessing I scored I scored even more of these babies on eBay this week, and that you'll be sifting through several posts on them in the near future, you'd be correct  :D  I was feeling so optimistic about the way things are going that I put a new display shelf in the apartment:

Might as well swing by the Hulk shelf & see how things are going... oh yeah  :D

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. That Spider-Man 2099 is spectacular. You have the Sential too? I have been resisting getting him but I can't go back to Toys R Us and leave him on the shelf again.

  2. Those Spidy's look great!

  3. More toys more shelves and more display!!

  4. Ok, I'm wanting those. Badly. As in, going on ebay right now.

  5. I agree with jboypacman, that Spider-man 2099 is great looking! Nice figures.

  6. Amazing toys... I would like to own one. Thanks for sharing