Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Only one week into the new year, and two parcels arrived in the mail! 10" Deluxe X-Men/X-Force figures from the 90's, apropos of my recent collecting/reading of the old X-Force title  :)  These simply styled figures were also released in Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, and Marvel Universe boxes, of which I have several. They are poorly painted, dumb toys with limited articulation that I just love! Though I was not into action figures when these came out in the early 90's, there is something nostalgic and almost comforting about them, and I love a big, chunky action figure! FUN!

I scored Cable loose, but I love the big window boxes these came in- they're garishly colorful & exciting! Shatterstar came with two swords, the back of his card advertising other characters from the popular X-Force title, Cable and Kane.

Cable next to my Marvel Universe Ninja Wolverine... like the current 3 3/4" Marvel Universe, there were several versions of Logan (can one have too many?), some quite ridiculous  :D   He has slightly better articulation than Cable, sporting elbow joints (the left one stuck), and his neck moves. Cable came with an appropriately oversized gun that surprisingly rotates at the end of the barrel, like a Gatling gun.

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More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I still like that over-sized Ninja Wolverine there is just something cheesy cool about him.

  2. When it comes to figures with limited articulation it's all about the character imo.If the character is cool enough then to me the amount of articulation doesn't really matter.Take the 80's Secret Wars line and even the Marvel Face Off miniatures,they are a perfect example.Maybe it's just me getting old but i'm taking a liking to a lot of the limited articulation stuff that's out there.

  3. i agree with both you men wholeheartedly :)

  4. Great adds. I think I have the Spidey in my Spiderman collection.

    Just subscribed to your blog. Read a few older posts. Great blog, keep up the awesome work.

  5. Ooh! You are gonna love some of what I have coming up then, SexyGeek! Stay tuned!