Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey, Mr.Postman!

The weather was somewhat treacherous Thursday morning with the snow, but that didn't stop the United Stated Postal Service from bringing me the treasure I'm about to show you!

Yes, another 10" ToyBiz Deluxe Marvel Universe action figure! Hooray! This one's a special Heroes Unmasked version of Spider-Man/Peter Parker from 1998, not in his classic red & blue, but the Clone Saga variant outfit that Ben Reilly wore before becoming Scarlet Spider. Both the hoodie wearing Scarlet Spider outfit and this updated spider-suit were designed by Mark Bagley, the latter version my favorite. There was a classically styled Heroes Unmasked Spider-Man/Peter Parker and a 10" Marvel Universe Scarlet Spider, but I was really looking for this one! I scored him in an eBay auction for about $13.00, a great price as he is hard to find and usually goes for fifty bucks or more- hold out for the right auction, and switch your keywords around/try fewer keywords in searches.
He has the same body as my ToyBiz Spider-Man 2099, and a removable mask which obviously appears only large enough to cover his face  :D  I'm unsure how the mask is supposed to stay on the head, but I'm certain it's not pretty! I want to enjoy him for awhile in this big, fun window box, one of the things I love about these figures...

In other news, I hit over 100,000 page views some time today- that's since I started in October of 2010, about 15 months. Not astronomical, but it seemed like a lot to me  :D   Thanks for coming to this happy place- you make it fun!
More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Colin you are going to have to move into a bigger place if you keep getting all of these cool giant-size figures. : D

  2. This has got to be my favourite one out of all the ones you've been getting!

  3. I can't wait to see this sucker out of the box,Nice!