Thursday, January 12, 2012

ToyBiz Marvel Universe Polaris, 1997

I got this ToyBiz Marvel Universe Deluxe 10" Polaris in November of 2010 with some other ToyBiz figures for a really low price. I've been bidding on these again on eBay, and wanted to open Polaris here because I've been reading the X-Force "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover event that spills over into some of the 90's X-Factor issues, of which Polaris is a member.

I'm not sure how these were regarded by fans in the 90's, or if these big, dumb action figures were targeted at children, meant to impress with size & color- I suspect the latter, as in all fairness they aren't that great even by 90's standards. Some of them have a rather slapdash paint, comical sculptural sameness, and extremely limited articulation, evoking an almost bootleg appearance in their cheapness. I find this very appealing however, so they're perfect to me   :D

Polaris has the same head, body, and everything that the Jean Grey, Rogue, and Mystique have! It's comically bad, I swear!  Polaris was given a big gun merely to fill the need for an accessory- her powers of magnetism frees her of the need for weapons, but I'm glad they included it! Made of translucent green to match her hair, it's cheesy & hilarious  :D

One odd design choice was the belt on this girl, which hangs in a somewhat hipshot position, a peg securing it to the figure. Very odd...  perhaps a stylistic choice reflective of the comic art at the time, female figures often rendered with hips thrust, head thrown back, and in somewhat explicit positions. Her jacket is the same cut as the Mystique from this series, but made with a bright blue fabric, opposed to white faux leather. Like Polaris' hair, her clothes reflect the extremity of style prevalent in the 90's.

Polaris with ToyBiz Storm & Ninja Rogue- though Storm's belt is different from Polaris', she still has a hole in her left hip...

The trio of X-Ladies take on Dragoness, showing X-Force member Cannonball what kinda force is need when taking on an MLF (Mutant Liberation Front) member! From X-Factor # 85, Part 6 of "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover event, Dec. '92:

Polaris with ToyBiz 10" Deluxe Cable...

And now something fun from my old comics: Polaris' page from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe series I had from childhood. Click on the image to read all about Polaris circa 1983! Daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane controls magnetism like her father, generating magnetic energy pulses, creating force fields, and manipulate the Earth's magnetic field which gives her the ability to fly. She was once engaged to X-Man Havok during their ongoing & complex relationship. In the past she has dyed her bright green hair brown, but now proudly sports this unique result of her mutation.

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  1. These were pretty goofy when they came out. I got She-Hulk as a gift and it was awesome in it's lameness (The She-Hulk figure being a repainted, slightly modified Xena figure!) I actually wish I still had that She-Hulk, just because she was so amazingly ridiculous!

  2. I really dig these figures.They look better out of the package and posing.

  3. That plastic clear green gun is the best!