Friday, February 17, 2012

Green Lantern Corps: Brightest Day "The Weaponer"!

While I'm waiting for the March issues of the New 52 Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern New Guardians, I've been catching up on issues of  Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, & Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors from 2010-2011. The Green Lantern Corps issues from around this "Brightest Day" period before DCs  New 52 reboot have been some of my favorite, including "The Weaponer" story arc, starting in Green Lantern Corps #53 (Dec. 2010). This ties in pretty nicely with my last post on DC Direct's Series 5 Sinestro & Soranik Natu, as the Weaponer who crafted Sinestro's yellow power ring has come back to take his revenge on the "Butcher of Korugar" for what he has done to Qward by holding his daughter hostage.

The art in this book by Tyler Kirkham, Batt & Nei Ruffino is spectacular, as is immediately evident in the opening flashback sequence of Thaal Sinestro receiving his yellow power ring from the Weaponer. While I have read the Sinestro Corps War in the last year, which I understand carries on in regard to Sinestro and his connection to Qward through this book, I'll admit that I've read so much Green Lantern in the last year that I've had a difficult time keeping it all straight in my mind!

There are a lot of whimsical moments mixed with the action throughout the book, both in the dialogue and visually, that made this book a real treat! In the following page, Kyle pokes fun at a new Sinestro Corps recruit, currently under a truce with the Green Lanterns, and the Weaponer shows up to slap Kyle Down, kidnap Sora, and send a message to Sinestro: "Surrender yourself or your daughter dies" ...

Kyle seeks out Sora's despotic father, deaf to his pleas to face the Qwardian Weaponer in order to save his daughter...

Exasperated by Sinestro's apathy, Kyle insists the Yellow Lantern return with him to Qward by way of a knuckle sandwich...!

Green Lantern Corps #54 (Jan. 2011) opens up with the insulted Sinestro his power ring in accordance with the treaty, and settling the matter toe-to-toe with the Green Lantern. "Fisticuffs Enabled"  :D

"This style of boxing is called Hammerfist, It was taught to me by the Korugarian Grandmaster Tivas Kark", goads Sinestro after knocking Kyle to the ground, "Who taught you to fight?" "Batman." answers the young Lantern as he slams a fist into Sinestro's breadbasket...!

Sinestro prevails however, knocking down Lantern Rayner three times before "invoking the mercy rule", advising him to go save her himself.

Meanwhile back on Qward, the Weaponer pleads his case to Sinestro's estranged daughter, who needs little convincing that her father is a heartless monster. It's because of Sinestro that all of Qward is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland, their god-king, the Anti-Monitor, destroyed in a war against the heroes of the Korugarian's universe, and the Sinestro Corps returning to enslave the Weaponer's home planet.

In Green Lantern Corps #55 (Feb. 2011), Kyle returns for Sora with his teammates to confront the Weaponer, who confidently dispatches the fighting unit one by one using his superior, adaptive weaponry that utilizes the primal life-force of the White Light! 


Gathnet's secret pact with Guy Gardner & Atrocitous is revealed to the other members of the Green Lantern Corps when he vomits blood upon being netted by the Weaponer, the mysterious alliance in defense against the threat of an old enemy destined to enslave the seven entities that embody the emotional spectrum (Krona, in the War of the Green Lanterns story that follows!). While the Weaponer delights in the mess Gathnet has wrought, Soranik sneaks up from behind with one of his own otherworldly weapons...

While the Thunderer's are confused by the Korugarian's appearance on the scene, the Sinestro Corps teleports in to throw a monkey wrench into the whole mess! Riveting!! 

Green Lantern Corps #56 (March 2011) opens with Sinestro calling all Yellow Lanterns to arms, demanding the Weaponer be destroyed for trying to ransom a thing he holds sacred... his dignity! You thought he was going to say "daughter", didn't you?   :D

The Green Lanterns attempt to shield the unsuspecting Thunderers from the rampaging Sinestro Corps, whom they must not engage in keeping with their current peace accord, the common enemy they share at home a larger threat... 

But Sinestro is not far behind his army, reminding his corpsmen to spare the Green Lanterns and concentrate on reminding the Qwardians why they fear them, and that the Weaponer is his alone to defeat... !

Realizing the Weaponer's shield is the key to his status as "protector" of the Qwardians, Soranik begins to realize that his salvation may be the key to ending the Sinestro Corps' reign of terror. Green Lantern Corps #57 (April 2011) finds Lantern Stewart returning to the battlefield with the Thunderer's, armed with the Weaponer's creations taken from his fortress...

After pummeling the Weaponer, Sinestro pulls his daughter from Lantern Rayner's hand, "I will not have you polluting my daughter." "You have no right to call me that! Since when were you ever a father to me?" Soranik fires back. But the Weaponer is on his feet once again...! 

The Weaponer eventually falls to Sinestro, but instead of killing him the Korugarian appeals to his lonely and despised Qwardian's sense of belonging, asking him to join the Sinestro Corps... and he accepts! Before departing through a portal with  the Weaponer and his corpsmen, Sinestro bids farewell to his estranged daughter, "You do know that had you been harmed in any way, I would have ground this world to dust." GREAT stuff, People... great stuff...!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Sinestro is one of amy all time favorite villains. This is the kind of deatailed post that I love to read. You give good blog, sir.

  2. Thanx Cal! I'm honored, Sir- worked on that one for quite time, the scan & editing alone was an hour & 1/2 long job. I sometimes wonder if my comics posts are enjoyed as much as my action figure posts, but it's a labor of love :) I am a HUGE Sinestro fan- didn't even read Green Lantern as a kid, but the Butcher of Korugar is probably my favorite DC villain in adulthood. His superiority complex, high intelligence, ruthlessness, and utter fearlessness make him a multi-tiered character. I find the dysfunctional relationship with daughter Soranik fascinating in this particular arc!

  3. I think i need to get me a Sinestro action figure sometime soon. Such a great character.

    1. Jboy, if you haven't read the Sinestro Corps War, you should