Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DC Direct Green Lantern Series 5 Sinestro & Soranik Natu

I was really excited to see some new DC Direct Green Lantern figures show up recently, Sinestro & Soranik Natu in particular. I'd seen a general lack of interest by fellow bloggers about the Green Lantern Sinestro, but I didn't have any of the other GL Sinestros that have been produced, and the New 52 Green Lantern started off with Sinestro being mysteriously reinstated as a Green Lantern by the Guardians of Oa, denouncing his affiliation with his own Sinestro Corps, warriors of the yellow light of fear. Thrilling!

I've said before that DC Direct lacks in articulation, they more than make up for in paint & sculpt- Sinestro is no exception. The piping sculpted into Sinestro's outfit  is a small detail that really adds to this relatively simple sculpt, and the metallic green paint really brings this out, repeated in his green eyes to really bring aesthetic unity. He does have bicep joints, as well as a cut joint at the boot tops & wrists, in addition to the usual DCD ball & socket shoulders & T-hips, and a serviceable ball-jointed head. While I like a super-articulated figure as much as anyone, I am attracted to the aesthetics of a toy as much as play value- that is to say, I enjoy them as art.

I've heard it said that either Marvel Select or DC Direct's limited articulation points are in compliance with their liscencing agreement, but they have their own charm in my opinion. I've pulled the arms off a couple these sometimes fragile toys, some of them have problems standing upright (especially some of the caped figures from the History of the DC Universe line), and the different lines often vary greatly in scale. That said, they are some of the most beautiful I own, and I enjoy their modeling after specific story arcs & DC Comics artist's style.

Before Sinestro became the arch-nemesis of the entire Green Lantern Corps, he was Hal Jordan's mentor and greatest of all the Green Lanterns. The former anthropologist from Korugar became bent on preserving order in the society of his home planet no matter the cost, resolving to conquer it to ensure this. As punishment for his crime, the Guardians banished Sinestro to the antimatter universe, where on the planet Qward he discovered the Weaponers. These warrior scientists hated the Guardians and Green Lanterns as much as Sinestro, and created a yellow power ring for the fallen Lantern to use as revenge on their mutual foe.

DCD Green Lantern Sinestro with DCD "Justice" Sinestro & Mattel's really short Wave 3 Sinestro Corps Sinestro...

Soranik Natu is the daughter of Sinestro, and niece of Abin Sur, Hal Jordan's predecessor. Introduced in 2005, Sora, as boyfriend Kyle Rayner calls her, was a neurosurgeon when the ring found her in the middle of a delicate surgery. Rejection it at first as the fate of her home planet was so enmeshed in her father's failure with the GL Corps, she finally acquiesced in order to save her patient. Rejected by her society upon completion of her Corps training, Sora opted to help the homeless with her medical skills & new power ring. As of writing this the father & daughter have never fought together as Green Lanterns, but they did ban together with the other Lanterns of the Emotional Spectrum to battle Nekkron & the Black Lanterns in the Blackest Night story arc.

Sora has the same articulation, lantern, and figure stand as Sinestro. There's some pretty obvious paint smear into the white glove on her right arm, but her pretty little face & eyes have been lovingly done. Great work! Her left boot top joint doesn't want to turn, but she holds her lantern more firmly than her father. Her limbs are a little thin, but that's her willowy styling. I like the sculpt of her torso a lot, her smooth tummy running straight through her t-hips into her thighs. I've read complaints about the plain-ness of her sculpt, but I like that about her. I am charmed by and treasure this dainty lady  :)

Like the other DC Direct Green Lantern & Blackest Night Series figures, Sinestro & Soranik come with a color corresponding, transluscent base, theirs being green with the GL symbol. Will you just take a look at this outstanding pair... Wow! I had a ball photographing these! They're are a little taller than Mattel's DC Universe Classics, but I have them mixed together on a shelf in the vault and they look cool!

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  1. Very nice Super-D your GL collection is getting huge.

  2. I look at these figures as art as well. I love a good sculpt and the Sinestro really makes an impact. All of the figures in the Green Lantern line are great. Your fantastic photography shows them off in great light as well.

  3. JBoy, it's indeterminatedly huge, but i'd gues the number to be somewhere around a "whole damned lot" :D Kal, thanks- i had a BALL photographing these two... that's how i "play with" my toys :)