Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DC New 52: Justice League #6

I was really jazzed to finally get my hands on Justice League #6, after Batman let a parademon pick him up, in pursuit of Superman who'd been struck by Darkseid's omega beam and dragged off to Apokolips in issue #5. The rest of the team stays on top of Darkseid, failing to do anything to topple him.

More great art by Jim Lee throughout this issue, four inkers, and at least three colorists to finish the master's pencilling. Here Wonder Woman fearlessly attacking Darkseid:

On Apokolips, Batman lurks in the shadows to witness Desaad torturing the Man of Steel. Steppenwolf reminds the twisted sadist that Superman was brought to there to become a new breed of soldier, needed in the search for Darksied's daughter.

The Justice League come tumbling through a boom tube, startling Superman's tormentors, leaving Batman a chance to unlash him from his binds. When the Kryptonian comes out of the dark spell of the anti-life and realizes what's happened, he charges the New God...!

Battling for his life, Superman fights Darkseid's grip trying to pull him into another boomtube. Batman demands Cyborg close the portal in the same way he had mistakenly transported them there when opened one; "You are our only shot." His cybernetic computer won't respond, but calling some unknown power within, Cyborg saves the day, sending Darkseid away.

In a scene reminiscent of Mark Waid's JLA: Year One, the new "superhero team" is unwittingly associated as such in public, knowing little of one another after having barely escaped with their lives. Flash steps forward to brand them "the Super Seven" the President, and an author whose family was saved by the new team is inpired to refer to them as the Justice League in his newly inspired book, Gods Among Men, shown in the last panel. 

I found this last part somewhat uninspired: Cheesy? Been there, done that? Maybe a little of both. The artwork has been nothing short of stellar so far in this series, Jim Lee's work a favorite of mine. I was excited to read the New 52 Justice League up to this issue, but looking back it seems more could have happened. Some have blamed this on the multiple spreads and splash pages throughout each issue, but the real culprit is the sneak previews, and somewhat self-indulgent ads for New 52 titles every three pages. More story could have been put in, characters more fleshed out if not for this. I may drop it and move on to other things- we'll see. I felt it was a little dumbed down compared to some of the trade paperbacks and story arcs I'd read prior to DC's relaunch of all it's titles last summer. I wonder if the New 52 Stormwatch and Justice League International suffered from this, both also team-oriented titles. Feel free to post a comment if you have an opinion  :)
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  1. Sounds like a good classic comic book story that always works. : )