Thursday, March 15, 2012

New 52: Green Lantern #4 & #5

While on the subject of DC's New 52 here at the Super-DuperToyBox, I forgot to talk about a couple of Green Lantern issues I picked up after I last spoke about Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke's New 52 title. That this book started off with Sinestro as a Green Lantern was interesting enough, but the story and Doug Mahnke's pencilling kept me coming back for more. When I last spoke about Green Lantern issue #3, it seems Hal Jordan was nuking himself in the yellow power battery Sinestro told him to shut down in order to stop his mutinous Sinestro Corps, whose reign of terror over Korugar had gone unchecked since his absence.

It turns out the battery recognized Hal wasn't Sinestro, and spit him out, where the Sinestrp Corps grabbed the two Green Lanterns. Throwing Hal Jordan into a decharging cell, the evil Professor Insidd takes Sinestro to his torture room to see what it takes to break him...!

Getting nowhere with the resilient and willful Sinestro, Professor Insidd throws the Green Lantern into a cell with the Korugarians who hate him for letting there world be destroyed by the Sinestro Corps. Officer Arsona confronts her old mentor, still in a rage for letting her down when Sinestro left the force to become a Green Lantern, subsequently letting it corrupt him. Listening in a nearby cell, Jordan insists that if Sinestro create rings for the trapped Korugarians, they could have a fighting chance. Though the rings might only be good for ten minutes, it may be enough time to topple the Sinestro Corps, so Sinestro reaches deep...

The rings appear, but it seems Arsona has rallied the group to do away with the man responsible for the mess they've been subjected to... Sinestro himself! In a tearful scene, she insists that she meant nothing to him. "Less than nothing." Sinestro cruelly responds before she unleashes her new ring's power! 

But like Hal's ring in Green Lantern #2, Arsona's ring created by Sinestro cannot harm it's creator. Sinestro's psychology experiment with her proved, however, that with the right amount of will, the ring will work. Summoning the power from the green power battery in Professor Insidd's laboratory, he kills the Sinestro Corpsman, and breaks the group from their cell! Look at this great splash page by Doug Mahnke...

Sinestro, Hal and the deputy Lanterns charge the unsuspecting Sinestro Corps, but time is running out! As their rings are quickly running out of power, Sinestro & Hal take the green power battery back into the giant yellow power battery, funneling it's energy through the green battery.

Sensing the loss of energy, the yellow battery shuts down, rendering the Sinesto Corps' rings useless. Green Lantern Sinestro saves Korugar!

Though Arsona can't find forgiveness for what he's done to their world, the other liberated Korugarians praise Sinestro as he and Hal Jordan take off for Oa, Sinestro single-handedly hauls the yellow power battery and the remainder of the Sinestro Corps back to the Guardians. When Hal encourages him to confront his past, Sinestro reminds the Green Lantern that he never has had a moment of weakness nor self doubt, and promptly orders the ring he created to fly Hal back to Earth, their pact having come to a conclusion.

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