Friday, March 16, 2012

New 52 Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 & #2

Another New 52 title by DC I've been reading is Green Lantern: New Guardians. I absolutely loved Tyler Kirkham's art in "The Weaponer" which I recently posted on (Brightest Day: Green Lantern Corps, 2010-11), so I've been reading this New 52 title from the beginning. "Who are The New Guardians? The Power of Rage, Avarice, Fear, Will, Hope, Compassion and Love combine to be the most powerful (and colorful) team in the corps under the leadership of Kyle Rayner. Beware their power . . . and their volatility!" (Green Lantern Wikia)

When DC decided to reboot their franchise, they sure left a great deal of the individual character's past intact, specifically at the beginning of this title, which assumes we have read and understand the fallout of Hal Jordan/Parallax in "Emerald Twilight". Within the first few pages we are vagely reminded of that, shown the moment artist Kyle Rayner is chosen, and thrown into a story with several characters with the future, new Green Lantern. For readers new to Kyle Rayner, this may be too light on backstory, but fans of the last twenty years may have been turned off by being dragged through it all again. I was familiar, so I just wanted to get to the core of the first story arc, and enjoy the great artwork (Tyler Kirkham/penciller, Batt/inker, Nei Ruffino/colorist). 

Other Lanterns of the emotional spectrum begin losing their rings and consequently their powers without warning, resulting in sudden death for some. Lantern Rayner, who swooped into Times Square to rescue a construction crew in trouble, is caught off guard when these lost power rings appear before him, "Kyle Rayner of Earth, you have been chosen." When Star Sapphire Fatality, Indigo Lantern Munk, Red Lantern Bleez, and Arkillo find the missing rings are in possession of a Green Lantern, they are enraged. Kyle Rayner, wanting nothing to do with the rings, tries to reason with the other Lanterns, but has to throw down with them right there in Times Square!

Each of the Lanterns takes a crack at a Kyle while he tries to get away from the crowd of innocent millions. Arkillo grabs the fleeing Lantern, throwing him down through the subway where he tries to pounce on Kyle. Taking the yellow power ring that seems to have chosen Kyle, it inexplicably overloads on Arkillo, giving Kyle a chance to throw the monster in front of an oncoming train (SPLATT!).  

Fatality encases Lantern Rayner in sapphire crystal, as she did Bleez, only wishing to recover the stolen Star Sapphire ring. But Kyle's power ring unexpectedly begins to power up, breaking him free from Fatality's crystal cage, heralding the arrival of  St. Walker, who shows up to lead Kyle away from the angry Lanterns (a blue ring can charge a green power ring to twice its maximum power level). The Blue Lantern leads Kyle safely to Oa. Upon his arrival, Kyle is questioned about the other rings of the Emotional Spectrum that follow him by Salaak, then by the impatient Guardians.

Pleading for an explanation from Gathnet, Kyle comes to realize his friend has been stripped of emotion by his brethren (in continuity with the events occuring in the Green Lantern title, wherein Ganthet was subjected to the control of his fellow Guardians in issue #1).

When the Guardians attack him, unsatisfied with Lantern Rayner's  answer to their demands, the rings slide onto his fingers. Lighting him up like a Roman candle. Lantern Rayner becomes a conduit for the entire emotional spectrum ...!

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  1. These titles keep just get more exciting sounding ever time you do a review of them.