Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday Toy Shopping

My tax returns were huge, and while I'm saving most of it, I celebrated by picking up some fun things around town which I  a.) had been holding off on  b.) hadn't seen  c.) and/or were on sale. This made for an awesomely FUN day off, running around in the sunshine    :D

A.) DC Universe POP! Heroes Martian Manhunter & Green Lantern by Funko
Got GL on sale for $6.28 at Target, and found Martian Manhunter at Comic Headquarters- he was $11.00, but I'm always working on the MM collection.

B.) Marvel Legends Terrax Wave Drax & Extremis Iron Man (blue variant) by Hasbro
I'll admit I've been underwhelmed by Hasbro's first couple waves of Marvel Legends, but I felt lucky to find Drax, and I have a thing for Blue Iron Men.

C. Marvel Universe 3 3/4" Guardians of the Galaxy box set by Hasbro
I finally caved for this cool set marked over 1/2 off at nine bucks. Though I know nothing of the team, I've heard the comics were great, and they will be fun to photograph. And Drax will make a fun BIG TOY/little toy shot with his 6" Legends counterpart... I mean, c'mon!   :D

D. Mattel DC Universe Classics Wave 20 Red Arrow & Green Arrow
These will be a great duo post to shoot! I like Hawk & Dove from this wave too, but held back... for now  :D    I was kinda surprised to find these competing with the Marvel Legends at Target for $14.99 each- I know I've seen past waves of this line retail for more... maybe at TRU ??

E. Mattel DC Action League "Flashpoint" Wonder Woman/Aquaman, Project Superman/Batman, & Cyborg/Element Woman 2 packs
There was a Flash/Citizen Cold set as well, but I already have a Flash and I'm annoyed by Mattel giving him to us in three different 2 packs. Every time I resolve to quit these, they make some more good ones- very fun to photograph!

F. "Flashpoint" trade paperback (DC, 2011) 
I've been wanting to read this so bad! I have a pile of reading going on right now as always, but this was on the list of things I've wanted to read for awhile. Picked it up at the Fantasy Shop, one of my favorite places to buy comics locally-

More Later- Make It FUN! 


  1. whoa! What a sweet haul of stuff Colin and i can not wait to see reviews of all this great stuff.

  2. I wish I could go toy shopping with you buddy. I usually don't go for the cutesy versions of the heroes but those POP figures are awesome I have 18 of them myself.

  3. what a fun selection of stuff!

  4. That's some serious on card-age lol!Great haul :)

    1. None on the card, all in cash- it was only a hundred bucks or so. My tax returns were 10X that :)

  5. Holy toy haul Batman!! I would love to get that Guardians of the Galaxy set, but I only really want it for Rocket Raccoon. I'm just waiting for a Marvel Universe Spider-Ham and I'll be happy.

  6. Very dope layout, those Marvel Legends are calling my name!