Thursday, April 5, 2012

New 52: Green Lantern #7

The shift to guest artist in Mike Choi in issue #6 of Green Lantern left me cold I must admit, but we are thankfully back to the great Doug Mahnke in issue #7! Forcing his broken nemesis Starstorm to track down Lyssa Drak in issue #6, Sinestro & Starstorm were caught off guard by the the keeper of the book of the Black, who used energy constructs to capture them both. She revealed that Sinestro had lost Korugar and Starstorm's miserable defeat by the Lantern, intending to gorge upon their past failures to feed herself on their fears. While Starstorm begged for his life, Sinestro dispatched Drak, abandoning him to find Hal Jordan again, alone with Carol Ferris. That brings us to the opening of issue #7, where Sinestro interrupts the lovers, violently insisting Jordan come along as it is the Korugarian's will...

Hal puts up a fight to protect his lady, but Sinestro insists, " Forget your small life on this small world...  ...This has noting to do with me." He goes on, " I have recovered the Book of the Black. I've seen glimpses of it's prophecies. It's the Guardians. They're going to replace us. They're going to replace the Green Lantern Corps!"

At that moment, the Indigo Tribe shows up, telling Jordan to step aside, "The Guardians made a mistake letting Sinestro keep this ring. We will rectify that. Sinestro belongs to the Indigo Tribe now, Green Lantern."

Carol scrambles for her Star Sapphire ring as Hal give chase, but it's too late... she powers up, Hal disappears pursuing to Indigo Tribe with Sinestro in their capture!

Meanwhile, Lantern Voz has brought Lyssa Drak in to the Guardians, concerned about the dubious nature of Sinestro's reenlistment to the Corps. The Guardians brush him off, dismissing him to interrogate the story witch alone. Suspecting she may know too much, they contemplate killing her and the suspicious Voz if necessary. "We cannot strike down our Lanterns instill we are fully prepared." In need of the book, they realize they must find Sinestro!

 Hal Jordan awakes stripped, locked in a cell where Black Hand approaches, speaking the tribal tongue. "We are all saved, Green Lantern. And Sinestro will be saved too. Sinestro Lora Nok."

Black hand explains, "... Sinestro will be reborn as I have been. Compassion be with you."

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