Tuesday, September 18, 2012

90's X-Men MiniMates

It's probably as good a time to photograph these fun MiniMates, having read so much 90's X-Men in the last year. There seems to have been a nostalgia for 90's comics lately, and finding them in the dollar bins is easy since the market was flooded back then. I had lost most of my interest in comics as that decade progressed, and was too busy to even notice the comics crash of 90's, so it's interesting time in industry that's fun to read for me.

Starting with the X-Men's fearless leader, Scott Summers, seems appropriate. While I've liked all the variations on Cyclops' outfit, this pouched/strapped-out verion seems to appeal to a lot of fans. It's a little more outrageous looking than other versions, and I suspect that and the boom in the X-men's popularity during this period are reasons why. Scott comes with an extra hair piece that reveals his ruby shades hidden by the visor on the other.

 Scott's longtime lover, Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), has quite the red mane- a nice contrast against the blue and yellow costume. Like Cyclops, this was a popular era for Jean for the same reasons as her beau, I suspect.

90's Jean Grey and Cyclops with their X-Factor counterparts. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite pairing of these two- I'm recently keen on the X-Factor outfits, but was always liked the 90's X-Men costumes.

No 90's X-Men team could save the day without Rogue and Beast- sassy and smart, two valuable teammates!

It's easy to forget our Southern girl was raisedon the wrong side of the tracks. A runaway, Rogue was adopted by Mystique and grew up as a villain. After Rogue permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel's psyche and Kree powers, she reformed and turned to the X-Men. This was unknown to myself, having read a little about her strange bond with Carol Danvers only in the last year or so. I just didn't read much X-Men as a kid- didn't realize the wierdness I was missing  :D


Who could not love this? I love everything about this impossibly cute Beast MiniMate. His little paws and oversized feet are great! Like a lot of the chunkier characters in this line of Diamond Select toys, He has a slip-over torso piece to beef him up. The shade of blue is perfect!


Like my X-Factor Beast, 90's Beast came with an extra set of standard sized feet and hands, for what reason I am unsure. Who would pose these guys with out their beastly appenagages? That's why they are fun! Hank McCoy, brilliant scientist and medical doctor for the X-Men, actually had his first appearance in blue fur back in 1972- he briefly regained to his more human appearance on an early X-Factor mission, but is soon returned to his beloved blue.
 These make a fun group! I had to hunt them down on the internet, and paid too much more for them getting into MiniMates so late, but were too cool to pass up. I have more MiniMates to show, including some Marvel mutants, so stay tuned and remember to PLAY WITH TOYS AND HAVE FUN WITH YOUR LIFE  :D


  1. These are pretty nice rendering of the 90s X-Men.

  2. What a clever idea for "action figures." I would've liked to see the MMs in the original costumes, rather than the assembly-line X uniforms, but they're so damn cute that it's a minor quibble. :D