Thursday, September 27, 2012

DC New 52: Earth 2, #2

In continuance of my earlier post on DC New 52: Earth 2, #1, we are introduced, or reintroduced to Jay Garrick at his moment of truth- when he acqires his powers of speed from Mercury...

When the World Army shows up, the reluctant Jay pleads with Mercury to understand he's just a regular guy and they are the good guys & here to help. Mercury insists that Jay's gallant heart combined with his own power of speed to get away and to save the world from an impending darkness to come.

Elsewhere, Mr. Terrific arrives from another Earth, confused at the alternate version of Manhattan he's found himself. A man named Terry Sloan approaches him, somehow aware of Terrific's identity and time of arrival, and quickly turns the hero's own tech against him.

Running in thrill of his new power, Jay finds himself in Poland, the mysterious Hawkgirl having somehow been expecting him.

We were introduced to business mogul Alan Scott in the last issue. Meeting his partner for a holiday in the country, the two board a train, upon which Alan proposes to Sam just before the shocking ending to this issue...

Nicolla Scott does some expert penciling in this issue, and though I was initially unsure about the Flash's new outfit, it's grown on me somewhat. I dig the colors that pay homage to the original Flash. My main complaint with newer comics is that it seems there are too many ads and not quite enough story, especially when I'm paying three bucks an issue for this title. That could be nostalgia talking. It may take some more for me to decide if this Earth 2 fascination is a passing faze, or if it's any good- I'm not a literary critic. But hey- I am curious enough that I bought a couple more issues after this one, so DC's little New 52 hype worked to a degree... well at least for now  :D 
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  1. I wish he could still have his classic old flash helmet. That was the coolest thing about his look.