Monday, October 1, 2012

DC New 52: Earth 2, #3

In continuance of my recent post on issue #2 of DC New 52: Earth 2,  Alan Scott makes his debut as Green Lantern in Earth 2, #3. As I said before, I'm uncertain if this Earth 2 fascination is a passing faze, or if it's actually good, but it inerested me enough to throw a few posts up. Personally, alternative versions of our favorite heroes, one-shot novels out of regular continuity, "what-if" stories and the like fascinate me, so this falls into that sort of novelty for myself.

When Alan Scott emerges from the train wreck at the end of the last issue, a voice tells him he was saved for a higher purpose- the fight against a great evil to come, the same warning Mercury delivered to an astonished Jay Garrick in issue #2. He is magically restored as the the Green Lantern, swearing to honor his deceased lover Sam. In Poland, as Hawlgirl tests the inexperienced new speedster, she notices the forest beginning to die under their feet.

 The spreading death Flash & Hawkgirl witnessed were the wake of  Grundy's destruction of Washington DC- an attempt to lure the Green Lantern into a fight, the only one Grundy perceives a threat to him quest for world domination.
Again, I like Nicola Scott's pencilling, nicely complimented by Trevor Scott's inking, which is most evident in the last page's illustration of Grundy. Solomon looks different here- more like Nekron than the Golden-Age enemy of Green Lantern. I'm not going to do the 31 days of Halloween here on the Super-DuperToyBox, but this last page is sufficiently creepy. Well, I guess I gave away who shows up in issue #4...
 More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Why does Grundy have to be some leather boy? What was wrong with his old outfit? Damn I hate DC these days.

  2. Haha:

    Solomon Grundy,
    Gimp on a Monday
    Dom on a Tuesday
    Foot fetish Wednesday
    leather whip Thursday
    Ball gag on Friday
    bi-curious Saturday
    Needs to rest Sunday
    That's your new fifty two
    Solomon Grundy