Sunday, October 14, 2012

Imhotep & Sarcophagus MiniMates

I can't remember if I saw this on the Cosmic Ark or another fellow toy-blogger's site, but I knew I'd have to pick up this Imhotep & Sarcophagus MiniMates set if I ran across it. Most of my interest in MiniMates involve their Marvel figures, but this was a fun little set to photograph during the season of All Hallows Eve.

The rest of this wave carry no real interest for myself, and let's face it, this set is great for the included Sarcophagus, face and arms sculpted is that familiar MiniMate style- great!

The bottom of the  sarcophagus is sculpted with cracks, painted in a stone gray- a detail I appreciate. The lid is painted in nicely muted base gold tone, with blue & red detailing- looks great! Imhotep fits easily into his sarcophagus as he should, though I'll not that the lid doesn't close very securely- missing is that satisfying "click" of lids that snaps shut. It seems to stay on okay for display however, so it's a minor quibble in my book.
Imhotep was special in his time, one of only a few commoners ever to be accorded divine status after death. A chancellor to the Pharaoh, he was considered to be the first architect and engineer and physician in early history, as well as revered poet & philosopher among his contemporaries. Imhotep's name was adopted by the title character of the 1932 Universal Studios film starring Boris Karloff, The Mummy. (Wikipedia)

While the Imhotep is a rather simple figure, his face does resemble the iconic features of Karloff in spite of the design limitations of the standard MiniMate buck, How do they do that? Some texture added to the bandages would have made it better, but with the cool little sarcophagus it's hard to complain much.  I felt he'd make a good opponent for my Beta Ray Bill, whose animal head topped in winged helmet almost feel Egyptian next to Imhotep   :D

This is a fun MiniMates set! I reluctantly passed on the Creature From the Black Lagoon set a couple months ago, but may have to pick him up if I get another chance. While I've grown somewhat distanced from past interest in monster movies, I was really into those Remco Universal Monsters figures from the 80's, and this little guy made me think how much I loved Halloween as a kid.
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  1. It wasn't the Cosmic Ark you saw this on Super-D as i have moved the way from Mini-Mates but this little guy is oh so tempting.

  2. This would look good next to my Iron Maiden Eddie Mini Mate....there would be a size difference for sure, but it would look more like Mummy and Super

  3. That Sarcophagus is great! Even the back of it has detail!!

  4. That's a pretty great set, that sarcophagus really sells it!

  5. I saw this at TRU the other day and immediately thought of you - glad to see you got it!