Friday, November 16, 2012

Custom Mouse Pads!

Here's something kinda fun- the old mouse here at the Super-DuperToybox was getting worn out, and after picking up a nifty, red Logitech M310 on sale, sadly discovered the local marketplace bereft of any cool comics-related mouse pads! I decided to just upload a couple favorite images on Vistaprint. At twenty-three & change shipped, they cost more than my new mouse. Not cheap  but they are hella fun  :D

*The photo of DC Direct Martian Manhunter & Superman is my own. I'm a big fan of  these two alien heroes for their great power and innate goodness toward the Earthlings. The History of the DC Universe figures were somewhat clumsy on their feet, but have great color and classic styling. Fun!

*The Mar-Vell pad borrows a panel from Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion, which is probably the best Captain Marvel story I've ever read. I recently picked up a copy of Ms. Marvel's Secret Invasion, of which I have high expectations- may read that puppy this weekend! The ratio for the mouse pad doesn't match the page size of the TPB, so I had to chop him off at the knees, but the thought panels/speech balloons left at the top say plenty. Great art!

More Later, Make It FUN!


  1. Why did they cost so much if you made them yourself?

  2. well, VistaPrint made/manufactured them- I just uploaded the image to their site, Hobgob

  3. Very cool i might have to go this route sometime and get myself a few of these made.

  4. Very cool. I might have a Spidey and Batman mouse pad made up too.