Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hasbro Avengers Captain Americas

These two Hasbro 3 3/4" Avengers Series Captain Americas were an impulse purchase- I had just read the new Marvel Now Captain America #1, and while strolling through Wally World late one night this week, I noticed they had finally restocked the Marvel section.  While initially annoyed by Hasbro cutting articulation, I was surprised by how much I liked the Avengers Battle Hammer Thor and Skrull Soldier. Hasbro has unscrupulously tacked an extra three bucks onto their 3 3/4" action figures in the last year while stripping the figures of some points of articulation, but Shield Launcher and Super Shield Captain America do have a lot going for them.

Shield Launcher Captain America  has a lot of look- great coloring, great accessories, and detailed sculpt make him a fun little action figure. I'm quite fond of him! I'd have preferred a waist swivel and ankle hinges to double-hinged knees, but it doesn't ruin it or anything. His elbows are hinge-swivels, like his hips and shoulders, which work perfectly. He has no bicep nor wrist swivels, and his ball-jointed head is limited to side-to-side movement, but we are treated to a gleaming metallic shield  :)

Like the Captain America Series Heroic Age "Bucky Cap", we get a .45 caliber handgun that fits into a holster! Avengers Captain America has an improved, metallic finish on his weapon that looks nice with his silver uniform appointments.

Cap's shield launcher is a cumbersome affair, hilariously fit with a flip handle underneath so it can be clipped onto his wrist, or attached to the peg hole on his back. Good luck with that. It does launch the special shield included, but not very powerfully. I like the G.I. Joe green this accessory it's molded in.

Hasbro also produced a 6" Avengers Captain America I posted on awhile back, whose proportions seemed a little better than this 3 3/4" Cap, though it's color was inferior. I'm unsure the Shield Launcher Captain America has more accurate color to Chris Evans' movie costume, but it's subdued tones look so much better on the updated uniform.

Super Shield Captain America is my more favorite of the two, from the comic series of the 3 3/4" Avengers line- he's basically Ultimate Captain America, no wings on his temples, stars on his shoulders, and grey pants.

Like Heroic Age Cap from the Captain America movie line, we get a gimmick shield as opposed to a regular one. Heroic Age Cap's gimmick shield was more fun than this one, which merely pushes the rockets out when the protruding lever is depressed... *yawn

Luckily, my Paratrooper Dive Captain has a nice shield he can borrow that matches perfectly...  :) 
Super Shield Captain America has the same basic articulation as the Paratrooper Dive Captain: hinge-swivel shoulders, a very limited ball-jointed head, no waist/torso articulation, swivel wrists, single-hinged elbows & knees, and hinged hips with swivels at the top of the thighs. It's very basic, but works fine.

The big, red laced boots have a lot of eye-appeal here, and I like the grey pants- I have yet to read any, but Ultimate Captain America is a good look. While I miss the winged mask, I love the face/head sculpt on this Cap, and there is some awesome detailing in his flak jacket, bandolier, and utility belt. I can't fathom why Hasbro neglected to include an assault rifle with him! The could easily has just given us the same one included with the Capt. America series Crossbones, which looks perfect with him...
The Comic Series figures from this line and the recent Spider-Man line are noticeably larger/beefier than the movie series- I like this, and their sculpts and color have made up for their simple articulation.  Super Shield Captain America looks great with my Avengers Battle Hammer Thor!

Roll Call! Present from left to right: Super Shield Capt. America, Shield Launcher Capt. America, Heroic Age Capt. America, Super Combat Capt. America, and Paratrooper Dive Capt. America.

More Later- Make It FUN! 


  1. I rather peaked with Captain America when i picked up my Super Combat Captain America. I really love that figure from the movie line.

  2. My Captain America collection is very small. I like these and might grab them for the collection.

  3. I have the great Marvel Select version of Cap and the Red Skull from the Captain America movie but these are very sweet.

  4. bro..though the figure is small, they are detailed made..nice score!