Monday, December 3, 2012

More Marvel Comics Shopping!

My haul of Marvel comics from last Wednesday must have really hit the spot- Sunday afternoon found me back at the racks looking for more Fantastic Four and Captain America...
*Captain America & Hawkeye, # 629-632
I enjoyed reading author Cullen Bunn's recent run on Captain America & Scarlet Widow so much that I hunted down his issues of Captain America & Hawkeye, # 629 - 632. I had been kicking myself for missing it after he told me about it's coming debut in person months ago, so I'm really looking forward to this...

*Captain America & Iron Man # 633 & 634
Speaking of our local-boy-done-good, I discovered a couple issues of Captain America & Iron Man from the end of summer which Cullen also authored. I'm unsure if there were any issues past these two, but I'll be on the lookout...

*Heroes Reborn: Fantatic Four (2006)
In spite of being advised otherwise, I actually enjoyed my TPBs of Heroes Reborn: The Avengers and Heroes Reborn: Captain America that I picked up on sale this past summer. They were splashy, fun, and fresh to me. Artist Jim Lee is one of my favorites (Batman: Hush anyone?), and a quick thumbing through confirmed I would likely enjoy this as well. My recent picks of Marvel Now: Fantastic Four #1 and FF #1 reignighted my interest in this legendary group!

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Unsure about that FF comic purchase. FF is pretty lame. The Cap + Hawkeye one interests me though,

  2. FF is LAME? Do you read comics? LOL! :D
    Yes Hobgob, that's a TPB

  3. The Cap and Hawkeye covers are extremely nice.