Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marvel Comics Shopping!

While I love seeing the latest thing as much as anyone, buying individual comics is not a great value, especially when they are $3.99! I get deals on trade paperbacks that really drive home that belief, and have been lucky to find plenty in the dollar comics bins to keep me entertained, but it's fun to occasionally pick up a few new titles. I inadvertently ended up shopping at Slackers due to a southbound traffic jam, but worth mentioning is this retail establishment's thoughtful inclusion of bag & board in the price of their titles. I buy from a variety of local comics retailers in the area, and Slackers is the only I know of that doesn't charge for this. It's a small thing, but with the price of comics nowadays, it adds a lot of value in my book...  

*Marvel Now, FF #1
I had my nose so deeply into my recent TPB hauls that I completely missed news of Marvel's recent reboot of several titles, including FF. This issue featuring Mike Allred's cool artwork brought the relaunch to my attention! I loved the X-Force books I read recently, and his guest pencilling on Wolverine & the X-Men #17 was hilarious! Is that She-Hulk, Ant-Man, and Medusa...? And what's going on with the girl in a Thing suit?? This should be FUN! Hot off the press today, Kids  :) 

*Marvel Now, Fantastic Four #1
I thought I'd pick this up to compare to the FF issue #1 above- I've read nothing about it, but I dig on the Fantastic Four in general, and I like the team in their "Future Foundation" black & white...

*Marvel Now, Captain America #1
I bought this for the cover alone- the art looks killer! I don't pick up a lot of issues of Captain America, but this sent me over the edge. At a whole dollar more than the two Fantastic Four books, I mildly resent that some titles are more than others- like they are gouging us for the more popular, marquee heroes. I wanted to pick up the #1 issues of Thor: God of Thunder and All-New X-Men, but at $3.99 each I held off. Maybe later. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Cable and X-Force, and Guardians of the Galaxy in December 2012 and February 2013!

*Captain America & Black Widow #636 - 639
While shopping around I picked up four issues of this title, for the first time having noticed homeboy Cullen Bunn's credit as author. I was aware he worked on Captain America & Hawkeye awhile back, which I regrettably missed, so I snatched these exciting-looking issues up. Cullen is a personable guy, and I enjoyed his "Sorceror Kings" run in Superman/Batman last year. Looking forward to this!

While on the subject of comics. be sure to visit a couple of comics blogs I added to my "Blogs of Note" on the sidebar here at the Super-DuperToyBox recently, The Peerless Power of Comics and Too Busy Thinking About My Comics These men are very knowledgable on their subjects. Comicsfan covers a lot of Silver/Bronze Age Marvel with a slightly whimsical take & lots of great pictures, and Colin is a particulary astute critic with a more academic voice. Both are great!
More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Nice pickups ! I have been gettin back into comics lately and even though I'm really enjoying it, the prices drive me away from trying alot of different titles.

  2. $3.99?!?!?! Yeah I will never buy new comics ever again...Wow...That is alot! I think I quite when it hit $2...

  3. I dig Mike Allreds stuff so I am all over FF. And Alan Davis does some of his best stuff on Fantastic Four. I even like the Avengers/X-Men mix with Cyclops as the bad guy. They even brought the original class of X-men into the future which I find interesting. There is a lot of Marvel that I like right now while very little of DC interests me. Have you read Indestructable Hulk #1 - it's also very good. Using Hulk to work for Shield as their go-to CANNON is something new.

  4. Colin's blog always makes me want to put "I'm not worthy" on my forehead. I enjoy his stuff a lot. Thanks for the shout-out. When do I get to raid your action figures? :)

  5. I recently bought a used game, and there was a recipt in it from Slackers in St. Louis. lol
    Don't have one anywhere around here, but we have Vintage Stock...just as good I guess.
    Some good grabs. ^_^