Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More From Spider-Man Unlimited

Back to the Spider-Man Unlimited issues I posted on awhile back, a peek into issues #1-5! At the turn of the century, Marvel produced this short lived series based on the Fox Kids animated show of the same title. The talking heads decided this take on the iconic Marvel character may have been a little too far removed for their viewers, hence their slipped ratings. I wasn't paying attention to comics or animated shows at the time, but watching a couple episodes of the show on YouTube and reading the few issues of the comic released entertained me. There were some fun aspects about it. Disappointingly, there isn't any resolution to the story due to it's abrupt cancellation.

Issue #1:  Spider-Man's crash landing on Counter-Earth is followed by an even more harrowing encounter with the Beastials. Curious to know more about his physiology, the Beastials prepare to experiment on him, but the Human Resistance shows up and provides a chance to strike back and make a getaway!

Spider-Man can't believe that John Jameson, son of Jonah and lost astronaut, doesn't want to leave Counter-Earth with him and return home, instead choosing to stay and help the Human Revolution's resistance against the High Evolutionary and his Beastials.

Issue #2:  Some things never change, even across different dimensions! To survive Peter must make a living selling pictures of Spider-Man to the Daily Byte, whose editor treats him with indifference just like John Jameson did back home. Oh the indignity!

Issue #3:  The Reed Richards of Counter-Earth is valued by the Beastial's for his intellect, but when he takes Peter to a soiree in their lair, he is stopped by the Maitre d' asks to scan his chip that all humans must wear! Peter battles the Lizard back home of course, but note the blue Beastial in the corner of the first panel on the 2nd page.  Look familiar?

The Brute, who appears to be a "counter-version" of the Hulk, breaks up the Beastial's party, averting their attention from Peter. As Spider-Man, Peter tangles with the rampaging behemoth, but later discovers his true identity and hidden, noble agenda.

Issue #4:  Curious about life on Counter-Earth outside the city, Spider-Man confides in the Green Goblin, an ally sympathetic to the webslinger's cause, about his lack of tracking chip implanted on all other humans by the High Evolutionary. The initially reluctant anti-hero agrees to show him a tunnel leading Spider-Man off the island, to the world outside.

Outside the city, Spider-Man discovers a forest commune called the Harmony, where Beastials and humans live together in peace...

Realizing the commune is more of a totalitarian society, Peter realizes that he must leave to avoid the unwanted attention of the group's leader, A Gwen Stacy double leads the fugitive hero out of the community and back to Manhattan.

Issue #5:  A mysterious killer has been lurking the streets at night, attacking people and gruesomely removing their sub-dermal ID chips. Anxious to discover the murderer's identity, Spider-Man stumbles upon Counter-Earth's answer to Wolverine, whom he assumes is responsible. He is instead a human who was  transformed by the High Evolutionary's biological experiments, also in search of the serial killer terrorizing the humans. An amulet around the creature's neck tips Spider-Man off to Wolverine's paternal relations to Peter Parker's new Counter-Earth family, Naoko and her son Shayne.

More Later- Make It FUN!

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