Friday, February 1, 2013

Avenging Spider-Man #15.1: The Introduction of Superior Spider-Man

Reading the scathing ridicule published in the letters column of  the recent issue #2 of Superior Spider-Man, I'm certain that Marvel's audience remains sharply divided concerning the the events that transpired in the 700th and final issue of Amazing Spider-Man. I remain unrepentant of my enthusiasm for the whole affair however, and for the same reasons I discussed in my post on Superior Spider-Man #1, which this issue of Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 preludes. I missed the first printing of 15.1, slightly late for the death of Peter Parker trapped in Otto Octavius' body, and Otto's delightfully bizarre rebirth in the body of Parker's young body. 

Otto's initial joy that he finally beat his longtime nemesis, receiving his youth and powers as a parting gift, is soon tempered with the realization that every other battle fought with Spider-Man was lost. Admitting that Parker's intellect had it's moment, Otto criticizes our hero's chaotic life and lack of commitment to his scientific talent.

Otto's reasons that his superior intellect and will would make Spider-Man's life and heroism better in all ways, and that seeing himself through Parker's eyes, the mistakes he made as Dr. Octopus will be no more. Donning the newly designed outfit we see him work on as he plans our hero's triumphant resurrection, Otto swings off into the first issue of the highly controversial Superior Spider-Man #1!

Avenging Spider-Man's Chris Yost and Superior Spider-Man's Dan Slott have done a good job writing this Twilight -Zone twist of events, putting Otto through the paces of Spidey's great responsibilities. The artwork by penciller Paco Medina, inker Juan Vlasco, and colorist Dave Curiel in this issue is beautiful, and not to be missed. You can dig your toe in the sand about this turn of events if you like, but I've enjoyed the ride myself. Like the the recent Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man with middle-schooler Miles Morales as Spider-Man, Marvel took a chance reinventing one of the world's most beloved comic book characters, and did so inventively. Every time this happens, fans and critics dismiss it as hype to sell comics, and they're right- that's exactly what it is. I can testify for Marvel's tactic as well, having bought more Spider-Man comics in the last year than I've bought in my life, around twenty in the last month.
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  1. It sounds like a good read. I will TPB it.

  2. Peter will be back at some point am sure but this looks like it should be a fun in the mean time.

  3. I'm still not convinced this was the right move. I'm sure at one point, I will go back and read these stories, but not right now.