Sunday, April 14, 2013

B&TB Blue Beetle Variants

I forgot to mention awhile back that I secured another variant of the 5" Blue Beetle from the Batman: The Brave & The Bold action figure line. From what I've gathered on the internet, there are four variants of this figure: one packaged with the Cosmic Crawler, the Deluxe Twin Turbo from the Total Armor series- which is the same as the Bug Zapper and Turbo Zapper Blue Beetles but with a different accessories, one from the Cyber-Tank playset, and this one that was packed with villain Kanjar Ro.

I'm a big fan of variant figures within a line, and for five bucks shipped I couldn't resist. He originally came with an accessory to plug in the hex-slots placed throughout the figure's appendage, the hallmark play feature these toys were known for. The Jaimie Reyes Blue Beetle was such a fun character on the show, and Mattel's design of this action figure is so well done, that I was glad to own another. Not everyone was a fan of the hexagonal accessory slots on this line, but I quickly came to appreciate the play value in them, and grew to appreciate them- I even like that the slots in back are molded in a different color, making them look even more like a toy.

5" B&TB Blue Beetle variants with my Cosmic Crawler...  too bad she's not a two-seater...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Nice! But am still a fan of Ted Kord. : )

  2. Yeah! Blue Beetle! We love that guy.
    And we need that Cosmic Crawler...