Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marvel NOW! Calender: May Iron Man

I just wanted to share this image from the month of May in my 2013 Marvel NOW! calender- Iron Man by penciler Greg Land, inker Jay Leisten, and colors by Guru eFX. Taken from the cover of issue #1, Jan. 2013, this may be is the first single issue Iron Man comic I've bought in my life. I loved the art and dialogue in the " Demons & Genies" story arc spanning those first five issues, and in spite of the criticism of Marvel's renumbering of the title for the Marvel NOW! reboot, it made me a real Iron Man fan. The hero's redesigned armor, in black & gold with red repulsors just jumped off the page, and  when Tony's arrogant/cool demeanor is undone, humor & humility are often revealed.

No doubt the revitalization of this Marvel character is due to the success of the Robert Downey Jr. motion picture franchise, and though I've yet to see Iron Man III, I look forward to the experience. Iron Man continues his upward momentum in the public conscious, and I was thrilled to see him join the Guardians of the Galaxy in their new Marvel NOW! title recently. While I miss the short-lived black & gold armor, Iron Man's new space armor, enhanced with P.E.P.P.E.R. artificial intelligence has really grown on me. I stopped reading Iron Man after issue #5 to try some other books out, but recently got caught up on the Armored Avenger's solo title, and can reaffirm that it's a great read. More on that later...
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