Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recent Acquisitions...

*3 3/4" Marvel Universe Hercules, Jubilee, and Blastaar
A couple weeks ago I ran into three more Marvel Universe I've been on the look out for- the last few waves of Hasbro's MUs have been hard to come by in these parts, made even more frustrating by the restocking of some of the pegs with figures I got two years ago. Yes, I have an obscene number of these figures I haven't even opened yet, but c'mon. I was really looking for the Blastaar variant with translucent orange hands, but the regular will do for now. Like Psylocke, I finally scored the elusive and highly coveted Jubilee, and though I passed on Hercules initially, I finally came to my senses and picked up Nature Boy...

*Hot Wheels 1:50 scale 1980's Batmobile
I grabbed the 30's Batmobile from this 1:50 scale Hot Wheels series last fall, and while I'd liked to have found the 60's version, this 80's Batmobile is another great version. I have modest collection of the Dark Knight's famous car, and was really happy to add this beauty, based on the Super Friends Batmobile.

*DC Direct Series 1 JLA Green Lantern (John Stewart)
I am more and more fascinated by these Tim Bruckner sculpts based on Ed McGuinness' 90's JLA artwork. Thes figures don't have much in the way of articulation, but I'm a huge fan of their chunky, stylized sculpt, and of DC Direct figures in general. Their action figures draw a great deal of criticism, but variety is greater and more artful in general compared to Mattel and Hasbro's action figure lines. 

Having John in my JLA Lantern Corps also fills my heart with a warm, green glow! John was the hardest to get at a reasonable price, but after months of searching, I finally scored him for sixteen bucks shipped- quite the accomplishment considering he's still on the card.  I also found some other, larger DC Direct pieces- I'll talk more about those in the future...
More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Love the Superfriends Batmobile! I too am also looking for Hercules...Eh, perhaps one day.

  2. I say, sometimes, MU figures delivers a better rendition than those we've seen on Marvel Selects.

  3. I saw two Hercs and a Nighthawk the other day which is very unusual for around here.

  4. I've seen Jubilee once, but I really want Blastaar - variant or regular I don't care!

  5. Nice grabs. I have been looking for that Superfriends Batmobile myself. Hopefully soon I can add it to my fleet of Batmoniles.