Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stealth Jet Batmobile

I got this Stealth Jet Batmobile on clearance with an April Amazon haul of several Batman Stealth Strike toys. The Stealth Strike series morphed out of the Batman: The Brave & The Bold line after the animated feature upon which it was based had been cancelled in 2011.  It was a great show featuring team-ups of Batman & other DC heroes taking on the villains, the merchandising for which was highly successful for Mattel.

Unusual in color for the Batmobile, the body is cast in dark silver, highlighted in gold. The "stealth jet" accessories are molded in translucent yellow, plugging into the car's body via the hexagonal accessory plugs throughout, the play feature this line of 5" action figures and vehicles are known for. There was a similar "Battle Armor" Batmobile released in the B&TB Total Armor line prior to the Stealth Jet, in blue with black highlights- I had my eye on it for a long time, but never got around to picking one up.

The missile launcher that attaches to the car's hood fires a single, three-pronged projectile, engaged by pressing the gold button on top. The missiles beneath the vehicles wings can be "dropped" with a flick of the finger...

The cockpit holds a single figure, and has a steering wheel that can be gripped by the the figures in this line, unlike the Blast Lane Batmobile I reviewed back in March. I think it's important that Batman be able to "drive" his car...

When the vehicle's canopy is closed, you can clearly see the figure inside through the translucent yellow windshield-  I love that about this Batmobile...

The Stealth Jet Batmobile makes a great car for my Bow Shot Batman, whose translucent yellow body and silver highlights match this car's deco perfectly. I was fortunate to get them both for under twenty bucks, and truth be told would not have paid full retail for them as I already have a B&TB Batmobile I love and several Batmen from this line. But they sure do look cool together, and at that price I couldn't resist!

Bow Shot Batman's crossbow accessory plugs into the car's hood perfectly, customizing the vehicle specifically for this figure...

Radioactive Armor Batman looks great next to the Stealth Jet Batmobile with his grey and yellow highlights and colorful translucent parts...

This is exactly the same body/chassis as my Brave & The Bold Batmobile, with the addition of the hexagonal accessory plugs and a new paint scheme. It's an unconventional color scheme for the Batmobile, and while I'm really into the black and red, I like the variant quite a bit.

I have over twenty Batmen from the Brave & The Bold toy line, a few of which go really well with the Stealth Jet Batmobile. My armored Total Destruction Batman has a great Gatling cannon that fits right on the nose of this vehicle, the missiles for which happen to be yellow...

...and my Stealth Wing Batman has the perfect yellow and metallic grey to match the vehicle's deco.

So yes, this is a fun toy, made even more fun by it's comparability with my other B&TB figures and accessories. As I've said before, while some found the hexagonal accessory plugs unattractive, I enjoyed the added play value in this recently discontinued toy line. It was a great idea that had a pretty good run, giving us many great action figures and vehicles of which I'm a big fan.

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Like that version of Bats ! Looks like a Micronaut crossover :)

  2. I hate how small my b:b&tb actually is. So many cool batman variants...tbh, if you've seen pics of my bat-room, I...have no space.
    But if I see this car around, I'll buy it.