Thursday, June 6, 2013

31" Jakks Pacific Man of Steel

I had to whisk a friend away to the emergency room in the middle of the night Monday, and upon my return from work Tuesday night I found this HUGE Man of Steel action figure waiting for me with a note,  "Thank you for rescuing me this morning".  I'm certainly glad he summoned me, relieved he is now well, and was touched by his thoughtful expression of gratitude- I LOVE this giant toy! Check out my YouTube channel trailer featuring my new gift...   :D

I'd seen one of these 31" Jakks Pacific Man of Steel action figure from down the aisle at Wal-Mart three weeks ago, but hadn't got a close look until this guy arrived. There's a Dark Knight Batman and Red Power Ranger this size offered at the retail giant as well, all priced at $29.97, but the Man of Steel here is my personal favorite.

The Man of Steel's seven points of articulation include 360 degree swivel neck, arms, and wrists, and legs that swivel out from the body. He's reasonably proportioned and appears sturdy enough- I love his incised chest insignia and sculpted boot tops, buckle, and bracelets. The facial sculpt is nice, and the skin tone is natural, complimented with neatly painted hair & eyes, He looks reasonably like actor Henry Cavill, star of the highly anticipated summer blockbuster, Man of Steel. I grabbed a 6" Mattel Man of Steel last month, and am as stoked as any other red-blooded nerd about the forthcoming movie.

This action figure has about one pose due to his limited articulation, but has decent if simple paint apps, nice texture, and the wow factor of a thirty-one inch action figure. True, he was most certainly manufactured in the most economical fashion, and is overpriced like a lot of these over-sized movie toys, but he has a cloth cape and a decent sculpt. He's rad! While not everyone is crazy about this new movie version of Superman's suit, like Jim Lee's New 52 reworking of the DC Comics hero, it's essentially the same. It grew on me of course because of that- familiarity of a childhood favorite. An while it's impossible to go back to that first time, here's to hoping the movie will engage me as Christopher Reeve did as a boy in '78 and I'll believe a man can fly, even if only for a moment.  :)  

Jakks Pacific Man of Steel with my suddenly smaller 1996 12" Kenner, Deluxe Classic 13" DC Direct, and 8" Mattel Retro Action Supermen...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. My first thought of this Man of Steal was how big he was, but still a nice figure.

  2. Kindness repaid. Very nice Colin. : )

  3. That's incredibly hee-uuuge!

  4. That is something I must have but knew nothing about. Thanks for the tip and it goes to show that no good deed ever goes unrewarded.

  5. His's amazing. And his nose! I want it. *grabbyhands*

  6. I have been thinking about that Giant Superman all night. I think I dreamed about it. I want huge toys now. Nothing less than 30 inches. That is insane.