Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hey Mr. Postman/Recent Aquisitions

Yes, I'm still on the lookout for those earlier Concept Series Iron Man action figures, and in the case of this recent parcel, a related figure, the 6" Iron Spider-Man from Hasbro's 2008 series. That same year, Hasbro produced this Launching Torpedo Iron Man. While he's not technically a Concept Series, he's a variant of ol' Shell Head with a working projectile accessory that I found irresistible. 

The 6" Iron Spider-Man is the variant, translucent red version, and of particular interest to me as I have the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Iron Spider-Man variant cast in translucent red. You know how much I love to play BIG TOY/little toy   :D   I also like to play variations on a theme within my collection, such as my obsession with blue/stealth Iron Men...

While on the subject of Iron Men figures, I picked up two more from the Marvel Legends Iron Man 3  figures a month ago. So far I've resisted buying the whole series, but I must admit that it would be cool to have that blue Iron Monger BAF! Mark 42 Iron Man and Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes (Iron Patriot) will go great with my growing 6" Hasbro Iron Man army...

And back to that BIG TOY/little toy fascination of mine, I picked up this Mark 42 Ion Man/Mandarin Iron Man 3 MiniMates 2-pack awhile back. I am crazy for MiniMates!  There was another 2-pack with Iron Patriot, but I resisted- I'm holding out for that rad Strange Tales box set with Dr. Strange, Morbius, Blade & the Wolfman! I also finally found the Wal-Mart exclusive 6" Amazing Spider-Man with interchangeable Peter Parker head, backpack, and skateboard. I have a Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man, but really wanted one with Andrew Garfield's likeness, who did a great job in the role last summer- difficult to pull off after Tobey Maguire owned it back in 2002. I think the build and color of these Hasbro Amazing Spider-Man figures are more movie-accurate than the Marvel Select as well, particularly evident in the lanky buck these were molded in & the darker blue parts of the costume. So great! 

 More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Very cool and I dig the different heads on the Amazing Spider-Man but the translucent Iron-Spidey just wins it for me here.

  2. Would love to add a 3 3/4 Iron Spidey to the collection.That along with the black suit are among my favorite versions of Spider-Man.

  3. That is a while lot of cool stuff you got there. The Iron Monger BAF is s definite figure to build. It will be a cool addition to your Iron man.

  4. Wow, I might have to check Wal-Mart for that Spiderman.

  5. Very cool additions. Been looking for that Amazing Spider-Man Garfield figure myself. Dig that Iron Spidey as well.