Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tamashii Stage Act 5 Flight Stands

I've been looking for some flight stands for use in photographing and displaying my action figures, and after reading Jason's post on the subject at One Per Case, I settled on these Tamashii Stage Act 5 bases by Bandai.

There are three to a box, modular in construction, with two sizes of pincers included for each. The booms are jointed in the middle and their bases can be tabbed together. I got this set for twenty buck shipped on eBay. I felt they'd be especially good for displaying my 6" and 4" Iron Man figures, of which I have many! They are somewhat delicate, but can hold the figures pretty high off the shelf. Some of my heavier Legends Iron Men are somewhat of a strain on them, but the screws on the jointed boom arms can be tightened if necessary.

The Bandai stands are a little too slender for a heavy action figure like my Iron Monger, but can easily hold the lighter Iron Patriot. They will be especially useful with Marvel Universe figures. I am pleased with these so far and look forward to future photo sessions!

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  1. I found one in a MegaMind toy box. I use it from time to time.

  2. action figures have never been this fun to pose because of these clear stands. i purchased this set on eBay and it served me well since.