Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Fan Art: '90s Wolverine

'90s Wolverine, 2014
14 x 20", acrylic on paper

My nostalgia for '90s comics is pretty well documented here, though I read far more from this era here in my adulthood than I did in those late-teen years. There was a lot to be critical about with the garish costumes, strange characters, and overcooked dialogue, but I've found some favorites like Spider-Man 2099, Cable, and X-Force therein. At the start of that decade, the X-Men were getting bigger than ever, with several titles on the stands at once. Wolverine was a favored character of mine then,as he is still now, to myself and a million other Marvel fans around the world.

I did the initial drawing of this pretty quickly, and my gestural sketch ended up with Maurice Sendak feet that I ended up leaving in my painting on paper- Wolverine has boots of course, but I liked the talon feet! It's not my best drawing, and possesses an amateurish quality I could not seem to mask, but I had fun with it. For whatever reason, I liked seeing the X-Men in Jim Lee's '90s blue and yellow, Logan unmasked with his wild hair, and a big red belt around his waist. I wanted him to look crazy, and unintentionally or not, I did succeed there   :D   Check out the Spider-Man I painted last winter!
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