Monday, October 10, 2011

Marvel Universe Wolverine & Kitty Pryde

Aside from pairing these two X-Men  for a review due to their membership in the mutant supergroup, Logan & Kitty actually had a 6 issue mini-series published by Marvel between November 1984 and April 1985. This coming of age story featuring two of the most popular X-Men was a spinoff of the Uncanny X-Men title, the relationship of these two very different characters & Logan's mentorship of young Kitty making for an interesting contrast. This platonic big brother/little sister relationship appears to have lasted in the comics to this day, the comic included in the Wolverine Vs. Sabertooth 2 pack  prominently featuring Kitty as Wolverine's literary foil yet again. Kitty also changes her codename from "Sprite" to "Shadowcat", neither of which seems to have stuck for whatever reason.  

There are definitely some paint issues with my Kitty! But this seems to be par for the course with these Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures. I'm not crazy about her face, nor her hair. The back of her mane looks fine, but her hair looks too tall in front? Not sure. And she looks as though she's wearing too much makeup- a lighter pink on the lips would've made her face look softer. Her body sculpt is fine for a young woman- I only wish her belt & X-Men buckle were sculpted into the figure like Wolverine's. He articulation is simple, though she has both a cut waist joint and an upper abdominal joint. No bicep or thigh swivels. I'm most certain it's all the same parts as the First Class Marvel Girl, right down to the hands. She came with a tiny Lockheed that actually has paint apps- kudos to Hasbro for putting him in, it made her unique.

Kitty's mutant ability is the power is manifested in the ability to phase through solid objects, and can take along people or other objects in physical contact with her. A result of this is disruption of any electrical field she may be passing through. Kitty also shows somewhat of a resistance to She also shares a sort of mental connection with Lockheed, a highly intelligent, dragon-like alien that followed her home after an outerspace mission. Originally portrayed as a highly intelligent adolescent girl with a lot of self doubt, but has since been depicted as a mature woman, even conumating her relationship with her teenage crush, fellow X-Man Colossus.

Why would anyone want another 3 3/4" Wolverine? It's as though Hasbro automatically mailed one to every kid in the suburbs last year! I now own five, and saw two I don't have on the pegs just this weekend  :D  Slangards recently claimed there are 35 Hasbro Wolverines in this scale, and he painstakingly listed them on Joint Junkie, begging Hasbro to just stop! :D   I wanted this Wolverine to go with my 90's Jean Grey & Cyclops, and I liked the sculpt. Many refer to this type of 90's X-Men outfit with straps/pouches/buckles galore as Jim Lee era,  after the famed artist's work on The Uncanny X-Men- a faint memory to me, having only picked up an issue or two in younger days.

The back of his package showed Logan bearing his teeth, but the figure in the package isn't- at some point, they gave this figure a new head sculpt. He's noticeably bigger than the other Marvel Universe Wolverines I have. The face looks way better than my Silver Samurai 2 pack Wolvie! Logan's muscles are deeply cut in this sculpt- extreme, like  90's comic art. Also extreme is Logan's waffle iron belt buckle, highly pronounced on the sculpt. Me likey! :D  Here he is with a couple other Wolverines I have, Silver Samurai 2 pack Wolvie and Sentinel Wolvie:

Group shot with the  Jean Grey, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and Cyclops:

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  1. Sweet figures. I have always liked the blister cards in this series. I don't know what it is. The art, card size shape, something. I just like them. Wolverine looks great, but there is something about Kitty's face sculpt that isn't right for me. However, her belt buckle I feel fits her, it's more feminine.

  2. ee! She has her cute dragon with her.

  3. Always room for another Wolverine.

  4. These both look great.The Wolverine looks good too.I've seen some real bad Wolvies but the suit and face on this one look great.