Thursday, May 22, 2014


I'd never purchased any Four Horsemen toys up to this point, aside from their famous DC Universe Classics released by Mattel, of which I own many. DCUCs had a consistency throughout the line, even if resulting in sameness, that was admirable, and I consider them a hallmark in action figure production. That said, I was curious about the Four Horsemen's work outside toy giant Mattel's corporate bubble, and got most of these in a "dinged and dented" sale at their website. I love any action figure with retro appeal, currently trending in action figure styling, and the Four Horsemen re-creation of the Outer Space Men action figures from the 60's. Updated with the interchangeable parts using the Glyos system, imaginative toy designer Mel Birnkrant reinvigorated the forgotten toy line with the ignition and manpower of the Horsemen. I'm happy to report the results were delightful...

Commander Comet and Mystron
This Angel/Devil pairing caught my attention first a couple years ago- I'm unsure that combining sci-fi with religious archetypes in toy form is an original brainchild of Mr. Birnkrant, but these are very appealing to me. I love winged characters! The helmets don't snap onto the figure's armor, but sit nicely enough when posed. Mystron's devilish tail was a nice addition to the original Colorforms product, and the accessories on these two are plentiful.

As much as wings on an action figure, clear or translucent action figures and accessories interest me. Gamma-X wears a clear torso and head armor that can be removed to expose his angular, robotic features. I also like all the metallic paint apps on these Outer Space Men, many in bright, fun colors any toy fan would enjoy. I can see a distant influence of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, and influence on George Lucas' Star Wars here...

Terra Firma and Jack Asteroid
If some of the names of these characters seem to have a comfortably cliche feel to them, there's also a smart sense of humor, most evident in these two space-age retro astronauts. With Gylos joints in the neck, shoulders, elbows, rib cage, knees, boot and glove tops, these Outer Space Men have more posing ability than the average 5-point retro figures we've seen lately. The helmet visors and snazzy jetpacks make Terra and Jack really shine, and the American flags are a nice touch. All this along with the orange flight suits made me think of 2001: A Space Odyssey! I very much admire this line by The Four Horsemen and Mel Birnkrant...

Stay Tuned for the sequel to THE OUTER SPACE MEN...!


  1. I want this Terra Firma and the female aliens but i bought some real junk from the Four Horsemen store in the past so I am very hesitant to buy anything else from them.I bought 6 of the Time keepers and every one of them was a pile of loose parts in the bottom of the box, They will not stay together or stay standing in one piece,

    1. I've bought a lot of toys from the Four Horsemen's store over the last few years. I've gotten all of the regular editions of the Outer Space Men, plus a few of the variant figures, and some of the Power Lords preview figures, and I've never had any issues with any of them. Maybe there was some production issue that was specific to the Time Keepers, or something like that.

  2. These are gorgeous figures. I love the way you make them look like candy. I am a sucker for any figure that is translucent, glows in the dark or comes with a bubble helmet. Your photos are terrific as always.

  3. I picked up a couple of these too. I need to get some decent pics up on my blog. Your pics are extraordinary!

  4. Nice haul! I was interested in their stuff a while back when I was looking at unique figures. At last, their original price were too much for me to swallow so I passed on them. I am really digging the last pair of astronaut figures!

  5. Oh my God!!!!! Been wanting Terra Firma ever since I first saw a photo of her… love at first sight!!!

  6. Not my cup of tea but a cup of tea nonetheless. And there is nothing wrong with a cup of tea ;)

  7. The Terra Firma and Jack Asteroid is nice. Where can I get it?

  8. Man, I've been wanting some Outer Space men. This may be the way to go. I can't afford the originals. Very cool!