Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tonka Toughest Mighty Dumptruck

I've had my eye on this giant dump truck at TRU for quite some time now, but felt that fifty bucks was just a little more than I could tolerate for such a vanity. But this is the SuperDuperToyBox, my friends, and when I saw got the chance to pick it up for ten bucks less, I jumped. Aside from it's obvious appeal, the truck will serve as a catch-all for figures, parts, and blocks during photo sessions, of which it can hold a great deal. Sure, a tub could as easily do, but how a giant dump truck is certainly more fun! I love the simple design,  and oversized wheels and handle- only the bed and front grill are steel on these nowadays, but it's a sturdy toy nonetheless. At 19 x 11 x11 1/2", it was the largest I've seen. Visit MightyTonka.Com and explore the history of these famed steel trucks!

While on the subject of construction equipment, I also picked up a Power City Construction 160 pc. extension pack while purchasing the Tonka. I don't build model train sets, but as with the colored blocks I picked up awhile back, I could see some potential for staging more dynamic poses with smaller action figures using this set. I don't usually go out of my way in regard to elaborate backgrounds for my photography, wanting to instead focus on the toy as a toy versus fooling the eye with miniaturization. As with my flight stands, the extension pack will merely offer a stage and offer variety and drama in the angling of my shots. I don't want the viewer to forget they are looking at an action figure, rather preserve and emphasize that fact...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Those girders are pretty great - and of course who doesn't love Tonka trucks?! A classic!

  2. I love that girder idea. So many heroes fight and wreck things in the big city. There would be building being done all the time. I was never a Dump Truck kid. But an indestructible steel Tonka dump truck is something I can appreciate. Those things were built to last generations.

  3. I prefer the original Tonka trucks. I wanna buy some to use for my wrestling scenes.

  4. That is one snazzy Tonka Truck!