Friday, August 8, 2014

Series 2 Imaginext Blind Bag Figures

I waited a long time for these, suddenly stumbling onto them in the Wal-Mart across the street a couple weeks ago! I was so happy with the Series 1 blind bags I got, that I knew I'd be watching closely for future releases of these seemingly random Imaginext figures...

I really enjoy that Fisher Price gave Frankenstein's Monster (#28) the shoulder mounted shock helmet! Franky has lots of great detail in his sculpt, including stitches in his wrists, and an exposed brain- a nice twist on a classic character...

The base jumper appeals to my love of winged action figures, and his colors are happy and fun! #32 in the series, he was unusual enough to fit in with my DC Imaginext characters, and could easily be a hero himself...

Steampunk Stilts here was not to be missed for his mechanical boots accessory alone- wonderful! There's a ton of great detail throughout the figure, with all his buckles, straps, and goggles on the brim of his top hat. Fisher-Price went all out on #30 here...!

It would be difficult to pick a favorite from all these, but the Sasquatch (#31) is hard to deny. A child of the '70s, Bigfoot seemed plausible to me as a child, the myth at a fever pitch among the popular culture of the day. Removing the mask, a man winks his eye at you, the hoax revealed in a cheeky fashion that's really amusing!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I haven't seen these or the next series anywhere!

  2. Base Jumper would make a good Kite Man!

  3. These are becoming more and more complex.Pretty soon they will have to sell them carded.They are like an alternate super hero universe!