Monday, April 28, 2014

Imaginext Series 1 Blind Bag Figures

I don't often venture outside my focus on superhero action figure theme of the Super-DuperToyBox, but dozens of other figures among the Imaginext lines look as though they could be a character from a comic book. I've collected a small but respectable grouping of the DC Imaginext line in the last three years, but these three dollar blind bags of various character assortment piqued my interest, and were inexpensive enough to feel justified in purchasing. While I appreciate the novelty of chance, I'm not ashamed to say I employed an internet search for the codes of the figures I sought, stamped on their packaging. 

The robot (#23) is was of interest, and could fit easily within a group of DC heroes or villains. These blind bag figures come with some great accessories, the robot packed with a tool wheel/pack and giant gun. Several of my DC Imaginext don't swivel at the neck, a point of articulation I'm glad to say all these figures have. The robot comes with all other standard Imaginext articulation, including hinge-swivel shoulders, swivel wrists, and swivel hips that enjoy a wider range of motion do to his mecha sculpt in that area. He pairs nicely with my Imaginext Cyborg!

Another likely character from this first series of blind bags that fit well among my DC Imaginext was the Alien (#16), who's a cross of several comic book characters, including Brainiac and Martian Manhunter. Aliens are a big part of comics, all the way back to Flash Gordon up to the freshly reinvigorated Guardians of The Galaxy franchise Marvel Studios is currently fronting.

The alien's sceptre would not have been my weapon of choice, but it's serviceable, the reward in the figure itself, with what may be as much Merman in design with it's finned forearms and calves. He'd be as much at home paired with Aquaman as any spaceman. The cape is removable it you prefer, but it adds a lot to this figures color scheme. This is a versatile Imaginext figure with a great sculpt and unique, clear plastic cranium that adds novelty.

I knew I'd eventually have to hunt down one of these Luchador figures after seeing him on Toyriffic, whose author BubbaShelby is obsessed with these, and one of a handful employed with keeping me abreast  of all Imaginext related news. The mask, winged boots, and cape make Luchador perhaps the best fit among my DC Imaginext. I don't really need to explain why I deem this figure great on many levels, but I also associate the comedy of that hilarious Jack Black movie, whose luchador-monk character wore similar colors. Luchador comes with a training dummy, the limbs of which he can easily get a grip on...

Luchador with my Imaginext Red Tornado...

I'm really happy with my finds among the Series 1, which also includes a Mummy, British Royal Guard, and axe-wielding Lumberjack, among others. I'm on the lookout for a few of the Series 2 blind bags after seeing Squirrel Stampede's review on YouTube, the Yeti, Steam Punk, Glider Man, and Frankenstein's Monster of interest to myself for obvious reasons. For three bucks a pop, these are hard to resist!

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  1. Fun stuff! The Luchador is definitely a gem.

  2. I love the way you teamed them up. That would be a great comic book or animated series.

  3. Love these! Cant wait for series 2.

  4. The Robot has made his way to my main shelf of favorite toys of all time.

  5. I like the championship belt on the wrestler it is a nice touch to a already great figure....Why haven't i bought a few of these? lol.

  6. These are awesome! Wish we have gotten the here,