Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Series 3 Imaginext Blind Bags

It was almost no time within finding the Imaginext Series 2 blind bag figures that I found Series 3! Fisher-Price is knockin' it outta the park on the random characters that make up this line, full of imaginative and well designed figures. If you are looking for one of these specifically, I've included the character's numbers, embossed at the very top end of each package. I picked up five from this latest series...

Finding Dracula in Series 3 (#39) made having Frankenstein's Monster from Series 2 all the better, Fisher-Price delivering a pretty much classic, Universal Pictures inspired vampire. The high-collared cape is removable, cast in red plastic like the winged bat that clamps onto Dracula's hand. So great...!

Though I'm not a skater, I could not pass on this fun skate boarder (#37), donning a sock hat and earphones. The colors are happy and the wheels on his board roll! It seems Fisher Price has taken to tamping an Imaginext badge on the ankle of all their figures with this wave of blind bags...

This Cossack (#36) is an unusual and fun choice for an Imaginext figure, and seemingly random among the more pop-culture oriented characters. His removable vest/hat piece has clamps on back to sheath his great swords- a wonderful toy!

Like Dracula, the Gill Man (#34) was high on the priority list! If you have any other aquatic or alien  Imaginext figures, he'll fit right in. I love the triton and atmosphere helmet accessories Fisher-Price included- really fun!

And last but certainly not least, the Punk Rocker (#38) was also of great interest to myself, being a life-long musician- the guitar and amplifier accessories are wonderful! This figure got a lot of attention from his designers in the leather jacket sculpt, and the red mohawk was a nice touch- that rocks!

My Series 2 and 3 Imaginext figures all together...

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. The Punk Rocker reminds me of this guy:

    And it was pointed out elsewhere that the Cossack's swords have candy cane handles, making him something of a bad-ass Santa Claus!

  2. Great looking figures. I have a serious weakness for characters in a clear helmet.

  3. There are a couple of these I want but I have yet to see them out in the wild.