Monday, November 17, 2014

Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Amazing Spider-Man

My love of Spider-Man goes back to my early childhood in the '70s- some of my first comics featured the webslinger, I had both the 8" and 12" Mego Spider-Man dolls, and was fascinated by the Amazing Spider-Man TV show starring Nicholas Hammond. The animated Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends show followed in the early '80s, cementing my childhood love of the character first introduced to me through his appearances on The Electric Company in 1977. I have several Spider-Man action figures I love, but have thus far never purchased any action figure of quite this caliber. I've often admired Alex's world class 1:6 collection at ToyHaven, and have a respectable collection of DC Direct's 13" Deluxe Figure line, but Hot Toys is in an entirely different class. I'd long been in search of a larger scale Spiderman of this caliber, and as a fan of the redesign of this character's costume featured in the 2012 blockbuster, this Hot Toys version was the one for me...

I scored this for about twenty-five dollars below it's initial retail cost, shipped free, and must say the packaging is the most deluxe I've ever laid my paws on, The "shoebox" Spidey came in has a funky, angled lid, decorated in a beautiful, full color theatrical image, glossy web patterning over it's surface, which reflects subtly when viewing from different angles. Inside, the accessories are plenty, including four webs, four extra sets of hands, two extra wrist pegs, a display stand, and an interchangeable Peter Parker head...

Andrew Garfield's likeness in the extra head accessory is pretty great, resembling the actor with realistic accuracy. There's a difference plainly evident when you pay for a Hot Toys figure as compared to those half the price, and the facial paint and sculpt are a big part of that. The slender body type also fits Garfield's physique realistically, completing the illusion...

The masked head on this is incredible! The head is sheathed in fabric so it creases realistically when moving side to side, locking down easily onto two prongs mounted in the body. The honeycomb pattern in the lenses looks fantastic- the kind of deep detailing that set this Spidey apart from others.

The rubberized texture of the mask extends down onto the chest of the bodysuit, raised webbing neatly highlighted in black, repeated on the boots. The blue spandex has a thin honeycomb pattern of  rubber throughout, giving it a tactile quality as such, but far more flexible than I first imagined. The boot soles are movie accurate, like that of an athletic shoe, and Spidey also has the webspinners at his wrist. I'm not sure he could look more like who we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man. Again, while some were not so enchanted by the movie's reimagining of Spider-Man's iconic blue and red garb, I thought it honored the classic design and am quite fond of it. I love a variation on iconic character's outfits.

Spidey is super-articulated with double-hinged knees & elbows, two abdominal joints, butterfly joints in the shoulders. double-hinged hips, swivel biceps, and more. It's my understanding there was a snafu in the engineering of the figure leading to a number of broken shoulders, and Hot Toys recognized this by including a slip of paper illustrating the threshold of articulation in that area. That said, you could break this body if confused about what position the joints are aligned in, hidden by the body suit. He is slender, delicate, and to be handled with care. Still, I put him through the paces in three pretty extensive photo sessions, so expect to see another post or video here with more of this amazing action figure...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Nice review and pics! $25 for one of these is a steal!

    1. ummm- $25.00 below retail cost Hobby, not $25.00. Still, I'm pleased with him :)

  2. Congrats on your first Hot Toys figure, Colin :) me thinks you have been bitten by the Hot Toys bug haha thread with care. Glad you are having FUN with this figure. They are pretty cool and quality is quite good. You should be able to get more out of this figure than the regular action figures. CHEERS.

  3. I shared your joy in stepping up to the 1/6 figures collection. Guess I would see more of these in days to come since you move up your budget. LOL

  4. I keep telling myself one day I will splurge and buy something from Hot Toys but when that will be I don't know.

  5. Hot Toys are pretty awesome.I think theres a Hugh Jackman Wolverine on sale according to Jarie over at Toy Box Revenge.Uh Oh!

  6. I totally butchered that just now.Its Jsarie over at Revenge of the Toy Box ;)

  7. Looks great, especially with the mask!