Sunday, March 22, 2015

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters- Legion Class Series 3

I was partially taken by the $3.00 price tag on these Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, but also interested in a couple of them being two-headed dragons in their "beast mode"! I'd been looking at various Transformers recently, as I'm a fan of both robots and toys in general, and these seemed a fiscally responsible place to experiment.

This Decepticon is the most sleek of all four in both her modes, and has a crossbow as her weapon. Her colors probably look the best as well, all black with metallic gold, silver, and purple highlights- she looks bad! The ball joints on the limbs of these robots help with the limited number of articulation points, making them surprisingly poseable. Airachnid is pretty much 5-point, while the others have some ankle articulation.

This Autobot seems the most familiar to me, and is appealing in that he transforms into a car. His articulation is pretty decent for how small he is- I have no real frame of reference as I don't own any conventionally sized Transformers. I like his car mode, which rolls easily enough, the weapon mounting into the roof. While these come with instructions, and are all easy enough to transform, Smokescreen was somehow harder for me to figure out.

Hun-Gurr may be the best of these, with his clawed hands, & dragon head feet- he works well as a robot and in his beast mode. I also like his hand cannon with the bayonet. Hun-Gurr is a Predicon, and looks big and tough!

Another Predicon whose beast-mode is a two-headed dragon! His colors are on the garish side, but his hammer mounts to his back in a nice way in beast mode. The dragon heads/and neck serve as the arms & hands in robot mode, but he works better as the dragon.

Dual-Headed Dragon Duel!

Twinstrike and Hun-Gurrr make great foes for my Bandai Fred, and bring out his subtle Japanese sci-fi monster characteristics...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. That Airachnid is a great figure and a female! Id like to find her at 3 bucks myself!

  2. Nice grabs! Do you know the Predacons are part of a combiner? I am pretty sure that is the case, so maybe you can find the other 3-4 for $3 too!

  3. I've had these In my grips many a time but never made It to the checkout counter with them.That price point Is mighty appealing.