Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bandai Big Hero 6 FRED

I finally saw Big Hero 6 last week, and while I don't really review films here on the Super-DuperToyBox, I'll say I really enjoyed it! I've not read the Marvel Comics title, limited to three issues in 1998, and another short series in 2008. Bandai released a lot of toys for the film franchise, which I took a little closer look at after seeing the movie, having diminished in presence this far out from the October 2014 release. Fred here interested me most, from the 4" action figure line...

There are seven characters in the 4" scale, including a Baymax robot which I liked, but passed on for now. Fred has serviceable articulation, with hinged elbows, hips, and knees, a swivel-peg tail, and hinge-swivel shoulders. Fred is actually a teenager in a monster suit that protects him, as well as enabling him to pogo at great heights and blow fire. I simply liked the fun character design in and of itself, and thought he'd mix well with other toys...

Fred has a great deal in common with my Four Horsemen/Mel Birnkrant Outer Space Men, and fits pretty well with his alien design and bright colors. Fun!

Fred also pairs nicely with my single Redakai Harrier figure with his sci-fi creature appeal...

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  1. I still need to see Big Hero 6. It looks really good but with a little one we get out to the movies far less often than we'd like. I'm hoping a friend will snap it up on Blu-ray and let us borrow it.

    Nice review of Fred. He does look good with the Outer Space Men.

  2. The movie was better than I expected. My oldest daughter loved it and is really into these figures - she got the whole set for her birthday a couple weeks ago!

    Fred is definitely a stand-out in the line. Such a visually fun figure!