Sunday, September 27, 2015

POP! AOU Vision

I passed on this Target exclusive "phasing" POP! AOU Vision for the last time, finally picking him up this weekend. I have a few of these adorable Funko figures, and while I prefer the ones that are straight figures as opposed to bobble-heads, I could not resist the Vision! Check out the video:

Be sure to check out my 2013 post on the Funko POP! Iron Man 3 & Amazing Spider-Man!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. This photography is a step up from your usual top notch work. Someone has been working on all his skills. Once again I am inspired my friend.

    1. Ah thanks... it's the novelty filters on my smartphone. Thought I'd try it out on a post here with a somewhat "lesser" figure-

  2. Oh and I love the video. Creative leap forward again.

  3. Cool exclusive! I've been getting into pops lately too, been trying to hold off for the longest time and just picked up one here and there, but then the recent minions and inside out pops got me back in!