Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dargo Block World Darkseid, Grodd, Igor & Hulkbuster

I received a few more of the larger character Lego knock-off minifigures from China after the Block World Hulks came, Darkseid, Grodd, Igor & Hulkbuster this time...

Darkseid & Gorilla Grodd have somewhat loose shoulder swivels, but look satisfactory, simple in their design like the Hulks, only swivels in the wrists & shoulders and stationary heads.

Igor and Hulkbuster are a level above in their detail, the latter an added point of articulation at the elbows. These are simple toys, but I really enjoy their chunky styling and tiny size, three inches head to toe. I'm unsure of the legal implications of companies producing these, but I love a bootleg- especially of this quality. That is a Lego brand base plate their standing on however, so I file these under Lego-compatible...

Understandably, I couldn't wait to pose Hulkbuster with my Hulk! I had wondered why that Hulk came with a wrench and hammer... possibly for Hulk to hammer Tony Stark's creation back together after stomping him? At any rate, these two are fun together!

More Later- Make It FUN!