Saturday, November 21, 2015

BootLego Gray Hulk

Many of the BootLego figures I've purchased on eBay are bereft of any manufacturer identification, this one likely a Dargo like my other Hulks. This Hulk reminded me of the original 1962 Jack Kirby Hulk, with his tattered orange shirt and blue trousers, which I must believe a direct homage to the character's origins. As a child of the '70s, I read Hulk comics, played with my Mego Hulk doll, and eagerly awaited each weekly episode of The Incredible Hulk TV show on CBS! I still love Hulk, and have a nice collection on display in my apartment. Bootleg Hulk came with a wrench and hammer, like the other BootLego Hulks I've bought, though Hulk seems more the type to SMASH things than work on them with tools...

I like to imagine that perhaps the two Lego City construction workers 
I just got are BootLego Gray Hulk's keepers...

Gray Hulk with my other BootLego AOU Hulk...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Your bootlego collection Is amassing!

  2. The torn-up shirt really sells this one. So cool when the BootLEGOers go that extra mile!

  3. These are very cool and I love the photos as always. I am always amazed at the figures that excite people. You love your Bootlegos and I my Monster High Girls.