Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BootLego Nightwing, Batman & Robin

I'm unsure if my pal BubbaShelby coined that phrase, but these BootLego minifigures I've been buying on eBay are just that, produced by Asian manufacturers like Dargo Block World and LEBQ.  Most ship at reasonable prices, sometimes free, for so cheap it's hard to believe anyone could make any money, and understandable why nerds like Bubba & I can't say no to them.

This red & black Batman isn't exactly "Batman Beyond" styled, but I do love that color scheme for the caped crusader regardless, which seems for common in the last few years in various combinations. His cowl fits better than my first BootLego Bats, the eyes better concealed by the mask, a white strip printed above on the figures head to show through to emulate the character's comic book look...

The minifigs from my Block Tech Military Outpost make great goons for the Bat Trio to foil...

Having Nightwing and Robin in black & red to complement Batman just completes the whole thing, does it not? I like the recent trend of the Dark Knight Family in titles like Batman & Robin and Batman Incorporated- it's fun to have other characters working with the perpetually lonely sentinel of Gotham.

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I'll take credit for the term BootLEGO until someone comes along with proof they said it first ;)

    1. Ha! Sounds like some wordsmithing of yours!