Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DC Collectibles Earth 2 Flash & Green Lantern

Finally digging into some of the DC Collectibles I got a year ago from BBTS, specifically the Flash and Green Lantern- two heroes I tend to couple together because of their friendship. I enjoyed the first many issues if the New 52 Earth 2 book, taking the Scarlet Speedster and Galactic Cop on an updated tale of Jay Garrick and Scott Alan's characters' origins. I liked the variant costumes given the revamped heroes...

In 2014, DC Collectibles started expanding the articulation of their 7" figures, these being some of the first. They aren't quite as expressive as Mattel's DCUC line, but certainly more poseable than than before, and more unique than the DCUCs. DC Direct could occasionally temperamental in their quality control, historically- forgivable for their beauty in my book. Some of the shading is a little splotchy on Green Lantern's face, rough casting artifact in the shoulder/chest armor, and sloppy painting on the line work up close. I'm not enchanted with Flash's facial expression or craned neck, but nothing that's a total deal-breaker on these two. From where I sit, it would seem DC Collectibles has made some of the most beautiful and unique figures ever recently, so many in fact there seems a glut of them on the market currently- you can get some great prices on these now.

DC Collectibles has added an increasing amount of articulation to their action figures in recent years, which oddly doesn't necessarily make me like them anymore than their past work. I've long been a fan of DC Direct's comic art-specific action figures, preferring looks over articulation, and it's my hope that as DC Collectibles, the company will remember that. It's the adult collectors like myself that are buying them, and they spend most of their lives sitting on a shelf looking pretty.While these are nice action figures, I still love the Justice League Flash and Green Lantern from 2014...


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