Friday, February 28, 2014

DC Collectibles New 52 Flash & Green Lantern

I knew I'd probably get some more of last years DC Collectibles New 52 Justice League figures, confident I'd pick up a Flash & Green Lantern below retail if I held out long enough. We often think of Green Lantern associated with Green Arrow because of Neal Adams & Denny O'Neil's  legendary pairing of the '70's, but Flash was a fellow Justice Leaguer and best pal first, from Golden Age to Modern comics. Polar opposites in personality, Hal & Barry bring out the best in one another, the latter's humble compassion tempering the former's reactive nature. One of my favorite moments between the two heroes since getting back into comics was from Geoff Johns'  Blackest Night, Barry & Hal discussing all those heroes fallen in Final Crisis in contrast to their mutual resurrection. Barry foreshadows his forthcoming Blue Lantern deputation and starts the adventure off:  "They were my friends too Hal. And I won't stop hoping that they'll find their way back like you & I did." 

I picked up this Flash loose on eBay, the metallic paint redeco included in the Superheroes Vs. Super-Villains 7-pack, opposite Captain Cold. DC Collectibles released a flat red version both single packed and packed with Vibe prior to this far more dynamic Flash. The character just works well with this treatment.

As articulation is limited with DC Collectibles, the line's focus is on sculpt and paint, and articulation is secondary. Flash has pretty much one pose he can stand in, but does have bicep swivels and a very expressive ball-jointed neck. I love the etched lines in his sculpt, and carved insignia on his chest.

Green Lantern was going for nineteen bucks, but I had seven bucks credit, so I got him for twelve and free shipping with something else I got on sale at Amazon. The boxes seem excessive, but do display well- I've kept my Green Arrow packaged like this. It seems like a lantern should be included with a deluxe figure like this, but he couldn't hold it due to his two-fisted sculpt.

Green Lantern's articulation is the same as Flash's, and his sculpt is styled much the same as well, his chest insignia raised on the chest. The metallic green isn't as glossy as Flash's, but he makes a great partner visually just the same. The buck on these two have a lot of similarities, though differ in girth, Green lantern beefier than Flash.

There is some rough area on the buttocks where the seam at his hip swivel meets and a little bit of paint scuffing from the package, but nothing terrible. DC Collectibles still won't sculpt the ring insignia on it's Lanterns it seems, though admittedly it's pretty small, and a base would have been nice.  I have a Blackest Night Green Lantern still in package that may rival this New 52, but he really does look great.

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