Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mattel Batman Unlimited 11.5" Bat-Mech

I passed on this guy a couple times at TRU, but eventually succumb to the realization that a Batman mech is hard to come by- lots of armored Batman following the Batman v Superman film, but few Batman robots. Additionally fun is that the Bat-Mech's chest is the cockpit for the Batman Unlimited Mighty Minis!

This is a big, dumb toy in essence, but does feature a respectable range of articulation- the hinge/swivel elbows make up for lack of lateral motion in the shoulders, and he can do the splits with those hinge/swivel hips. The knees are jointed as well, and the head and wrists swivel. Bat-Mech's batarang pegs onto ports in the forearms, shoulders, and back much like the Batman Brave and the Bold Series figures I loved so much. Check out my video:

Pictured below, Bat-Mech with my Brave and the Bold Series Proto Bat-Bot...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I made one of my own not too long ago.

  2. Did you get the Green Arrow one too?

  3. That B and the B Batbot is still one of my all time favorite toys! I do like that this new mech has a cockpit for a tiny Batman! Might have to pick this one up eventually.