Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Toy Shopping: Marvel Isle, TRU August 2016

I can hardly believe they have the new cinematic Spider-Man in action figure form already, but there he was in a 3-pk with Cap and Iron Man at a local TRU last weekend. He was too darkly colored, but had a grip on Cap's sheild just like in the movie!  :D   Far more interesting to me were the new 1:6 scale Marvel Legends line- very cool! I could not have imagined both DC and Marvel would go big like this, especially with the recent reduction in articulation on the 3 3/4" scale figures, peg saturation with simpler toys for smaller children, and the like. They are well articulated too, unlike the Titan Series. I't like the return of the Icon Series from 2006-2009! Wonderful!

Back to the 3 3/4" scale Legends for a minute, isn't it great we are seeing both movie based figures like Falcon from Capt. America: Civil War and the classic Triton from Jack Kirby's Inhumans on the pegs at the same time? Unfathomable! I kind of wish Marvel had left the series names unique, Icons, Legends, and Universe. It gets old watching companies rebrand every six months, and doubt it helps, but they didn't ask me. They probably should have   :D

And in the 6" Legends department, I still love that black & gold Marvel NOW! Iron Man! Great redux on the Iron Avenger! I'm pretty sure this was the first Kitty Pryde I've seen in person, there was a Phoenix Jean Grey in green and gold as well, among others! I've all but stopped buying 3 3/4" and 6" figures like these, but I had to stop and look...

And just because I love Guardians of the Galaxy so much, the 5" scale Rocket Raccoon and Groot- yes their teammates were backing them up. I got into Guardians about a year or so before the announcement a movie would be made- I was surprised at the decision, and delighted with the movie! I like these!

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  1. Replies
    1. Oh, no - I didn't BUY any of it my Friend! Only looking :)

  2. Are they planning to do any more of those 12" Marvel Legends?!

    1. Had not heard anything yet, but I'd LOVE to see a Vision in this scale, how about you?!