Sunday, July 10, 2016

Toy Shopping: DC Comics Isle, TRU July 2016

BubbaShelby reminded me this weekend that it had been awhile since I last posted here on the SuperDuperToyBox, and while it's been on my mind and I have plenty in my collection to show, the truth is that I'd been very busy posting on my Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog. That said, Bubba's comment did inspire a trip to TRU to check out the scene, which was revealed some new  Suicide Squad merch, including six and twelve inch Mattel figures pictured above and below. I loved these! There were only Deadshot and Harley in 12", but there is also a Joker!

Also on the shelves were some great Jada diecast statues of the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot! I have an Batman v Superman Armored Batman like this from Jada, which has some problems standing, but these don't look as top heavy. 

It looked as though the demand for '66 Batman merch has slowed, most of it on sale for 30% off! Very tempting, but I'm so far behind photographing what I'd bought this past spring that it wouldn't make sense.

Also of personal interest was this great Mini Mezitz Batman Returns box set- at $24.95 the value is dubious, but what a great pack! This is possibly my favorite Batman movie of all time- I still have  the movie poster, which I framed around the time I started this blog.

While I've seen DC Direct/DC Collectibles release multi-packs of Batman and Superman, this may be the first time I've seen Mattel do it. If you are new to collecting action figures, these would get things started for you in a fun way! I collected from all these different lines, except the 6" Batman v Superman series... 

I've started to notice elements of the Flashpoint storyline seeping into different toy lines, including the very cool Batman Unlimited Molten Mayhem set pictured below, featuring a Batman figure obviously inspired by the Thomas Wayne Batman from the popular pre-New 52 storyline. Check out my Medicom Real Action Heroes Flashpoint Batman I reviewed in April!

And finally, what I went back to check out once more, these extremely cool Green Arrow and Bat-Mech figures from Mattel. While it's started to gain some more traction due to the recent Batman v Superman film, as well as the comics in the last year, Batman as an armored mech can be hard to come by. It's been a theme present in recent animated TV shows like Batman: The Brave & the Bold my personal favorite, but we usually otherwise get an armored Batman- this is a robot! While I do have a sort of Green Arrow sub-collection, my collection of Batman figures, unusual and conventional, is far more expansive, so I chose the Bat-Mech. Tomorrow I will post about him- meet me back here!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Very cool stuff! I stopped at a Toys R Us tonight while traveling with my family but only found the TRU 6 inch Suicide Squad Joker and the 12 inch Harley. I bought both of those. I left the 12 inch Deadshot as I just wasn't that interested in him and the lone 6 inch Deadshot as he had some pretty poor paintwork. While the quality isn't quite where it needs to be, I'm definitely excited about the Suicide Squad line. So many characters who have either never received action figures or that we don't regularly see at mass retail!

  2. Nice to see SDTB up and running again ;)

  3. Glad to see you back here as well. Best action figure photography out there.

  4. Huh, those Suicide Squad figures look decently detailed - cool!

  5. Still no sign of the Mattel Suicide Squad stuff in my area! Gonna need a Harley for sure.

  6. On the back of the Batman and Green Arrow Merch there is a picture of Bane the seems to be as big as the other figures. I have yet to see Bane anywhere. Do you know off this is a figure coming out later our even dining out at all. Cause that's the one I would love to get.

    1. Had not heard, and didn't notice on my Batman Mech package... seems as though it could be ...?