Sunday, October 16, 2016

8" Mego-Styled Figures Toy Co. Super Friends Batman & Robin

This blog exists due in large part to the resurgence of these 8" Mego-styled action figures/dolls, modeled after the wildly successful World's Greatest Heroes line from the 70's. In fact, he second post on the Super-DuperToyBox was about Mattel's DC Retro-Action Batman & Superman, bringing the excitement of action figures from my childhood back to life. Check out the video:

Guest starring in the video above are the DC Retro-Action Batman and Two-Face. While the line suffered from some pelvic joint issues, these Figures Toy Co. figures had their own problems, namely a very loose head atop the Robin that had a hard times standing up due to balance issues. I'm unsure I prefer the wired capes on the Figures Toy Co. figures, but there quality and black inner-lined construction are certainly nice looking. I loved the Mattel Retro-Action figures and their upgraded styling, which Figures Toy Co. follows in this series, also making more exact replicas of the original Mego World's Greatest Heroes characters, complete with oven mitt gloves! In spite of their issues, Figures Toy Co. did reproduce the look and feel of the Super Friends Batman and Robin here, the Saturday morning cartoon from which was a childhood favorite and appealed to my desire for Mego World's Greatest action figures.

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  1. Mego heroes where my favorite as a kid. Eight inches and cloth clothing did it for me. Years ago I tried to collect all the retro figures they put out and then Figures Toy Co. came along and there stuff gets better and better with each property. I love their Evil Knievel figure very much.

  2. Believe me I want to get these someday too! Not available down here though.