Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Link

I missed the whole Nintendo experience, my only real experiences with video games left back in the arcades of the early eighties, so the Legend of Zelda is totally lost on me. Still, I always liked the Dungeons and Dragons aesthetic of Link, which reminded me of the LJN figures of my childhood. This 4.5" representation of Link represents Link in his red Goron Tunic, which really caught my eye on the pegs.

There isn't a great deal of articulation range, nor stability in this action figure, but Link is a barely passable value at eight dollars, due mostly to the great styling. He holds his sword well, which fits neatly into his sheath pegged into his back.

Apropos of nothing, Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Link with DC Direct Superwoman...

Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Link with SH Figuarts Sentai Redhawk...

Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Link with Bandai Big Hero 6 FRED...

And finally, Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Link with the Hasbro Hulk from my last post...
did you know these two actually get along quite well?

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I like the pics of Link and Fred and Superwoman!

    I really like the WoN line. It's absolutely a "toy" line as opposed to a collector's line, but it's really fun. I did grow up on Nintendo characters, so this line is a dream come true. I'm not terribly impressed by Jakks' Ocarina of Time link, though; I like their Skyward Sword Link better.