Wednesday, March 8, 2017

BootLego Wonder Woman (Modern)

Got an epic order of BootLego minifigs from Asia I've been showing you sporadically the last couple months, part of which included this modern Wonder Woman with sword and shield. My Lego-related and minifig posts get a little less interest than my other action figure posts, but I follow my interests, which is currently obsessing over the legendary toy brick makers. I buy name brand as well, including the Lego City Fire Ladder Truck I just posted on. I bought two small Lego City sets at Target just tonight, as a matter of fact- you'll often get a better price there than TRU, albeit a smaller selection.

Pictured below, BootLego Wonder Woman with my Superman minifig
one of the first BootLego I picked up on eBay...

Pictured below, BootLego Wonder Woman with the Katana minifig I posted on back in January... ....they make great sparring companions!

I realize some Lego fans are at odds morally about supporting any behavior of this kind,
but at what is often just north of a dollar for these minifigs shipped, dog will hunt!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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